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after Minimized outlook express, move that icon from taskbar to Notification area

I want to know is there a way after Minimized outlook express. move that apps icon from taskbar to Notification area?
note : not appear on taskbar, but on Notification area.

possible? how?
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QlemoBatchelor and DeveloperCommented:
You can use free TrayIt! (http://www.teamcti.com/trayit/trayit.htm). It allows for manual "traying" by e.g. right click on close button, or by Window Title pattern matching. With a small, easy set up rule you can match all *Outlook* stuff to always minimize to SysTray.
ibrahim52Team LeaderCommented:
There are several options.Either you can do registry editing or use any third party applications..

Solutions :-

Third Party Tools :-

(It will minimize Outlook Express to the system tray/notification area but leave it running enough to check for mail according to the schedule you've set for it in Tools>Options>General tab. One click on the HideOE icon will open Outlook Express, another click minimizes it again.)

One more third Party Tool :

fsze88Author Commented:
ohssss..... I prefer doing something on windows system like registry editing... but
http://www.gilsmethod.com/how-to-minimize-outlook-to-the-notification-area is talking about outlook, not outlook express.
any idea?
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QlemoBatchelor and DeveloperCommented:
Yes, that's true. But TrayIt! and HideOE are proper tools to do what you like.
TrayIt can act permanent on arbitrary Windows, meaning minimize will put them into SysTray again.
HideOE is acting only on Outlook Express, each minimize will go to SysTray.

PowerMenu is temporary, so I suppose it is not what you want.

fsze88Author Commented:
TrayIt can act permanent on arbitrary Windows?
That's mean installed TrayIt or HideOE  and after setting (minimized outlook express to Notification area).
afterward, it will still show only Notification area after uninstalled them (TrayIt or HideOE)? Is it?
Any misunderstanding? If true, I will download and try it. Thank you!
QlemoBatchelor and DeveloperCommented:
Each has to run all the time, as they need to create a hook into the minimize function of those windows.
TrayIt! needs to be configured to watch for window title "Outlook Express*" or similar.
fsze88Author Commented:
I feel it having great functions and very tiny. That's what I want.
But, it is not possible to uninstalled? I tried to uninstall it by control panel or revo uninstaller, both of them are unable to find it out.
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