Need to set up shopping cart type of mechanism.

Hi, I'm not a website expert, but I do understand how a website is put together.  I'd like to create a simple website. I think I can do that with MS Expression Web, which I already have. My problem comes in with a "sales" issue I'd like to incorporate into the site. Here is what I want the site to do.

1). I want to have a file that a user can click on a button and download the file.
2). I need a way to do the following two things once the user clicks the button:
           a). Gather information from the user regarding their name, address, etc.
           b). issue them a user ID
3). I also need to charge their credit card for the purchase.
4). Then, allow the download to take place.

My problem is I don't know if I need to design this mechanism from scratch, or are there tools out there that already have this "one-item shopping cart" type of design.

Can someone offer me some guidance as to what I should be considering and which products I should research before I begin this project? -- Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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rfcamposConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried checking out X-Cart?

Have you taken a look at OpenCart?
Mr_FulanoAuthor Commented:
Hi RFCampos, the application you suggested is very interesting. The fact that its Open Source worries me a bit, given that you really don't know how secure the application really is and we're dealing with credit card information and people's personal information. So, security is a major factor. -- As perfect as this application looks, I think I'd rather go with a product designed and sold by an established well know company that I can interact with if I have a problem.

I do however appreciate the tip!
Mr_FulanoAuthor Commented:
Rfcampos, thank you for your help. X-Cart is exactly what I was looking for in a solution. The price is also very reasonable. I just need to discuss my needs with the X-Cart technical folks and I'm "in-business"... thanks!

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