looking for tool or way to arrange helpdesk people duties.

I am looking for best way or tool to arrange a staff duties on a helpdesk operation.
can y help me with the the way that the people follow.

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You can use a tool like FrontRange HEAT (www.frontrange.com) or SpiceWorks (Free http://www.spiceworks.com/)

A typical service desk has a Service Desk Manage, Service Desk Analysts and an Administrator. Service Desk Analysists (SDAs) man the service desk, i.e. they receive incidents from users, log them in the service desk tool and offer first line help. If the SDA cannot resolve the incident, he/she can escalate it to a service provider. The Service Desk Manager oversees the overall operation of the service desk. He/She produces daily, monthly and ad-hoc reports and ensures service level agreements with service providers are met. The administrator takes care of the day to day administration tasks of the service desk e.g. backing up databases and ensuring the service desk tool is running smoothly.
Dear Sir,
SysAid Web-Based Help Desk Software can help you to:
  • Automate handling of service calls to reduce response time and improve service
  • Lower down-time by usingmore efficient system management Improve efficiency of hardware and software inventory management
  • Use integrated remote control capability to solve your users' IT issues quickly and securely
  • Measure IT performance with detailed reports and real time dashboard
For more details about the full features, please visit:
besmile4everAuthor Commented:
What i mean is a tool that help the administrator to arrange duties schedules for his staff.
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Dear Sir,

I found another tool which could be of an interest (IssueTraks help desk software), it's a customizable IT help desk software which can:

Streamline your service desk procedures
  • IssueTrak will automatically assign new issues based on your preferences.
  • When entering a new, but repetitive issue, you can select a pre-filled issue from a drop down menu and only have to enter specific information about the issue.
  • Create tasks or select a predefined group of tasks to add to an issue. Tasks can be assigned to anyone in your organization and can even be given dependency levels.
  • Send notifications to members of a distribution list when specific issue types are submitted or other actions occur.
  • When a new issue comes in via email, IssueTrak creates a track able request based on the emails content, and then automatically assigns the issue. IssueTrak will also keep track of all subsequent email correspondence inside of the issue.
Easily assign, track and manage IT support requests
  • Administrators can define service level agreements and monitor compliance. Email alerts are sent to individuals or groups when your defined service deadlines are approaching.
  • IssueTraks help desk software is 100% Web based and zero footprint. No installation on individual computers is necessary and IssueTrak is easily accessible through a web browser to submit or check status of a support request.
  • Customize your dashboard to show the metrics you care about the most. Easily see the number of unassigned, open and escalated issues, average response time, and open incidents by assignee, type and priority.
Manage your IT assets
  • Automatically audit, record and maintain information about your assets in IssueTraks IT help desk software.
  • Assets can be linked to users and when resolving support requests related to an asset, you can associate the issue and asset and view its software and hardware components.
  • Use the asset search capability or built-in reports to easily locate items and detect trends, retrieve detailed information about your IT and non-IT assets.
Create and run reports
  • The reporting options available in IssueTrak stretch as far as your creativity will allow. Create and run reports on numerous data fields to use in your IT decision making.
  • Schedule reports for delivery to specific people in your organization via email.
Increase end user satisfaction
  • Your users can submit issues via email or their web browser and check on the status of their issue anytime, anywhere without interrupting your help desk staff.
Manage knowledge base articles and issue solutions
  • Maintain a collection of resolved issues right at your fingertips. Search your open and closed issues and help desk requests based on one or numerous fields.
  • Create knowledge base articles from resolved issues instantly or write them from scratch.
  • Email knowledge base articles to customers with open incidents or allow staff and customers to search your knowledge base articles to help them resolve issues.
For the full list of features, please visit:
besmile4everAuthor Commented:
many thanks Ahmed,,,
as i understood from the tool that it will not help me to manage the staff by assigning them for a 24/7 and keep the schedule arranged very well.
the tool is concentrated on the procedures and the way to work on the help desk.
the problem is that our company on the airport should work 24/7 hrs and we should assign the team on a every strict schudle so that every body will work same as others..
Dear Sir,

If you need to build a strict schedule, I recommend using Microsoft Project 2007 it's simply the best when it comes building schedules, allocating resources, and managing budgets, an example of calendar types in Microsoft Office Project 2007:

1 - Base calendar; Defines the standard working and nonworking times. Nonworking time can include lunch breaks, weekends, and holidays, for example.) for the project. It specifies the work hours for each work day, the work days for each week, and any exceptions, such as holidays. You can select a base calendar to use as the project calendar or as the basis for a resource calendar. You can also apply a base calendar to specific tasks.
  • Standard:  The Standard base calendar reflects a traditional work schedule: Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., with an hour off for break.
  • 24 Hours:  The 24 Hours base calendar reflects a schedule with no nonworking time. The 24 Hours calendar can be used to schedule resources and tasks for different shifts around the clock, or to schedule equipment resources continuously.
  • Night Shift:  The Night Shift base calendar reflects a graveyard shift schedule of Monday night through Saturday morning, 11:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M., with an hour off for break.
2 - Resource calendars; make sure that work resources (people and equipment) are scheduled only when they're available for work. They affect a specific resource or category of resources. You can customize the resource calendar to show individual schedule information, such as vacations, leaves of absence, or equipment maintenance time.
When Project schedules the project, it uses the resource calendar to schedule the tasks that do not have a fixed duration and that have resources assigned. For example, if a resource has a week of vacation specified on his or her resource calendar, Project will not schedule the task for that week.

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