Can develope Gadgets in VB2008


I would like to as , if it is possible to develope gadgets by using vb2008, if not , How to do that , and what tools . (Look like windows vista gadgets)

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jjardineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Gadgets, for vista, are just zip files with html, css and javascript files.  have a look at for more explanation on creating them.   You could do the portions in vb2008 but won't actually write any vb code unless you connect your gadget to a vb web service to receive data.
Ahmadal_najjar2003Author Commented:
is there tools or software developers can help .
The same simple tools that are used to create a functioning web page can work for this, but it is all focused on the client side of development.  It is just set to a smaller size.   VB2008 should have an html editor, css editor and be able to edit javascript.  I am not aware of anything that will write the gadget for you with no code.
Ahmadal_najjar2003Author Commented:
Thank You
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