How to programmatically update a FTP Directory for 'Write Access'

I am writing scripts to create FTP directories automatically. The entire process will allow users to generate a username, password, etc for a new ftp share. The hurdle I am now facing is not being able to allow write access to the FTP share. I am not discussing NTFS security. I have attached an image that show what option I am trying to set.

The IISFTPDR vbs only allows for read access. I have tried to change the vbs to change the setting to write, but it does nothing different. The default for the accessflags = 1, I assumed 2 would set read + write.
' Set ftp virtual directory properties
    vdirObj.AccessFlags = 2 ' read access

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LGerritseAuthor Commented:
I finally determined the resolution. The OS was overwriting the vbs file. The changes I had made to the iisftpdr.vbs were never truly being saved. I am glad to finally have figured this out. I am also glad the MS has this code so well documented. I could not find this information anywhere. Furthermore I found another question of the same never truly answered.

I made a copy of the file and gave it a name unique to my environment. Here are the results of my testing.
1 - Read Access
2 - Write Access
3 - Read and Write Access

' Set ftp virtual directory properties
    vdirObj.AccessFlags = 2 ' read access

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