How to Install a windows application ????

Hi experts,

            i have a windows application. I want to intall the .exe like we do in windows service.
Because, this application will listen for the messages from the remote machine and shud display the message. So i want the application to run like batch job.

            i cannot do that in the windows scheduler, because it invokes only once. But my requirement is it shud run like a windows service.

             Hope my explanation is clear and enogh..
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Anurag ThakurConnect With a Mentor Technical ManagerCommented:
the best way to achieve the functionality will be to create a normal windows application and then minimize the application to the system tray so that then messages can be displayed to the user
look at the following link which will help you to get the applciation going
So do you want to create a windows service or just an executable that gets started at runtime and runs in the background?
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