what are appropriate graphical methods used to identify a relationship between two variables in sas?

what are appropriate graphical methods used to identify a relationship between two variables in sas?
what are appropriate graphical methods used to identify a relationship between two variables in sas?

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What is meant by graphical methods?  Do you mean like a bar chart, or something completely different?  Just looking for clarification to know if I can be of any help.
craig1899Author Commented:
any form of chart including bar or box plot will do as a graphical method.
Here is an outline of what you would do to create a bar chart.  You will still have to research what some of this means, but this will produce a bar chart with an x,y axis.  I am not familiar with plotting, so I don't know if that would be any more simple or not.

data testfile;
  input excel file here;
titletxt = "Students Weights';
y_by = 10;  /*this is by value for y axis*/

%macro barcht(flname, grname)

  %local flname grname;

proc sql;
  select unique titletxt into :titletxt from &flname;
  select unique max_y into :max_y from &flname;
  select unique y_by into :y_by from &flname;

/*get rid of blanks*/
%let titletxt = %trim(&titletxt);
  ...do same for each var in sql above

goptions reset = all;
goptions unit=pct htitle=8 htext=4 device=gif xpixels=300 ypixels=200 border; /*change these options to control the chart*/

axis1 label=(a=100 'Count') order=(0 to &max_y by &y_by) minor=(number=1) major=(h=3) offset=(0,0);
axis2 label=('This Title') offset=(7,10);

/*set up titles and footnotes*/
title h=8 "Student Weights";

data annodata;
  set testfile;
  xsys = '3';ysys='2';
function = label;
position = '2';
/*based on your data set up your x,y coordinate, or hard code them for each segment*/
/*once you test this you should see what it's doing*/
if year = '2006' then do;
  x = 20;
  y = 30;
if year ='2007' then do;

proc gchart data=testfile anno=annodata;
  vbar3d yourvalue / discrete
  sumvar = yoursumvar
  raxis = axis1
  maxis = axis2
  patternid = midpoint
  space = 10
  des = ' '

pattern1 color=blue;
pattern2 color=red;
%mend barcht;

proc sql;
  select max(y axis field here) into :max_val from testfile;

data testfile;
  set testfile;
max_y = &max_val + 100 /*height of y axis*/

/*create chart*/
ods listing close;
ods html path=youroutputpath body="outputfilename.htm"
   (title="your title")
  style = minimal;


ods html close;
ods listing;

I hope you can follow this.  There are still many things for you to figure out like the inputting of the data and getting it summarized and formatted correctly.  What I am trying to show you here is how to build the bar chart.

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craig1899Author Commented:
thanks wigmeister for a comprehensive answer
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