Select mshtml ActiveElement programatically

Is there a way to set the document ActiveElement in a mshtml WebBrowser programatically?
I'm trying to build an HTML editor with protected zones, and if the user clicks on an element I want to move them to an editable container.
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You can use focus() to do that. On any element in the DOM that can receive focus you can use focus():


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garybarnesAuthor Commented:
That's what I thought. I can only therefore assume then that a DIV element is not focusable, because it's not working, although DIVs can be selected in the editor.Is there any way to make non-focusable elements the active element?
I was talking of a general HTML page inside a browser. It seems that you do something special. Normally, an element like a DIV cannot receive focus. Editor-style programs usually work around that by reacting to the onclick event (or mousedown) of a particular element, which is always there for visible elements, and then they show a different style (i.e., a fat border) to indicate that the element "has the focus".

In other words, editors program their own behavior for elements, which is different from the default behavior. Since the javascript + DOM event model is very rich, you can mimic many behaviors and turn any element into a focusable element. You can even add a focus() method to each element (but use the technique like in Prototype.js to do so).

On a side note, if it only needs to be working in IE (as it seems from your text) you may consider the contenteditable ="true" for an element to make it editable.
garybarnesAuthor Commented:
OK - I was able to simplify my page, and found that what I was trying to do will work (i.e. make a DIV receive focus) - but only if the DIV has an inline style statement containing a height or width component!
Thanks for your help - it pointed me in the right direction.
garybarnesAuthor Commented:
I wouldn't expect anyone to know this!
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