Excel cannot access <file name>. The document may be read only or encrypted.

Hello, Recently I had migrated my DC from Server 2003 to Server 2008. All the users were given new user ids and all the users were migrated to the new DC. Only one user was not able to open his old files in My document.  The colour of the file is green and it says "Excel cannot access <file name>. The document may be read only or encrypted." when any excel file is opened and "User does not have previlages" when trying to open word document. He cannot open even the pdf or the powerpoint files. I tried un ticking the encription flag in the properties of the files. But it doesnot allow for changing the encription flag even though I have the previlages of the domain administrator. It gives access denied message. There are some files in the desktop directory, which the user can open without any errors.  I have a backup of the files of My document directory before the migration, those files are also giving the same error messages.
So please help me in solving this issue as the user have a lot of files which he needs for his day to day operations.
Awaiting your valuable advice.
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i have had such issue while ago and i copied all the problematic files to another device FAT32 formatted and then back and the issue gone.
Did you happen to back up the "Private Key" used to encrypt the files prior to reformatting your system? If so, you can use the key to decrypt the files. If not, decryption may be difficult or impossible.

for an explanation of some of the issues involved in removing encryption on folders / files. You may have the necessary files on the
backup, but I can't be sure (nor can I find instructions on how to do this for your situation).


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