Can I backup the configuration of a Sonicwall TZ190 to a Sonicwall Pro 4100?

In my new job I inherited a Pro 4100 with alot of misconfigured items in it.  Instead of trying to troubleshoot each NAT, Address Object, and Access Rule, I am just going to start with a TZ190 that I have and build it from Scratch and reference the Pro 4100 for items that I know need to be configured.

After I configure the TZ190 can I then backup the configuration and load it onto the Pro 4100 without any issues and it work correctly?
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I'm pretty sure you cant, they are siginficantly different hardware.

When I moved from a sonicwall Pro 100 to a PRO2040 I had to basically look at the configurations side by side and 'back them up' manually.

I did take it as an opportunity to look for those forwarded services that are no longer needed though, so it was productive.

HBPCadminAuthor Commented:
Ok, If I backup my config on the 4100 before I start making changes, is there any chance at all the 4100 will not take the importing of the config file and I will have to start over from scratch rebuildiing the whole box?  How likely is this worst case scenario?
I would say it is very likely you will have to start from scratch.

How many VPN tunnels, Custom routes, VLANs and subnets do you have... I guess if you are moving to a 4100 you are pretty complex.

You might check with sonicwall to verify, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  Might plan on an evening or weekend getting things straightened out.


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