Solar winds network montitor and Sonicwall device

I would like to set up network monitoring for my sonicwall device that monitors more than just up time. such as cpu, ram etc. Im using solar winds ip monitor.

Can anyone help guide me on how to do this
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
iPmonitor is limited on what it can report on. It is intended for up/down monitoring only.
You may need something like Solarwinds NPM
Enable SNMP on the Sonicwall and add the device to Solarwinds with the proper SNMP string.
You  might have to add the Solarwinds server's IP address to the Sonicwall to allow snmp queries
jonnydollarAuthor Commented:
ok i setup the sonicwall to allow all traffic from my ipmonitor server, and then enabled snmp on the sonic wall pointing it to the host ip of the ipmonitor server. I did an scan on the server to that ip address and its comming back with monitoring for ping and https.

how do i get the more detailed info on the sonicwall sup as cpu?
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