Hp 3005 printing slow

I have a client with hp 3005 printer. She was using it on a machine with windows 2000. It was printing ok from that machine. She ordered a new dell vostro which i installed and configured. I installed the printer and got the drivers from the hp website for xp. Now the printer takes at least 2 minutes to receive the data. Sometimes up to 5 minutes. I have tried using the pcl 5,6 and PS drivers but nothing changes it. I know the usb cable is good because it was working find on the  win 2000 machine. She is not in any network. One other thing, in the port section, its not showing up as using a usb port, its using a ieee port. I couldnt get it to use a usb port even though thats how it is connected.
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Try the following:
- Disconnect the printer
- remove the queue from printers and faxes
- remove the driver from server properties
- remove the port from server properties
- Download the HP Universal Print Driver 4.7 (http://www.hp.com/go/upd)
- Run the install.exe from the Universal Print Driver
- When asked create a DYNAMIC queue
- let the installer run through
- DELETE the queue that has been created (HP Universal Printing xxx)
- Connect the printer. WaIt and see... Plug and Play will kick in with using the Universal Driver and its correct port will be installed

bostonstausAuthor Commented:
How do i remove the queue and driver from server properties?.  And also the queue by HP universal printing?
- disconned the printer

- open the printers and faxes folder
- select the old (non working) queue to delete
- press delete button on keyboard

- in the printers and faxes folder menu bar on top
- choose file - server properties
- change to port tab
- select your old (non working) port to delete
- click delete button
- change to the driver tab
- select the old (non working) driver to delete
- click remove button
- if you get an error message that the driver can not be removed, start/stop spooler or reboot pc and try again. (sidenote: If another queue is still in the printes and faxes folder which is using that very same driver you are trying to delete, the deletion will fail too.)
- hit ok to close server properties window

- install upd with installer.exe and choose dynamic when asked
- after installation open printer and faxes folder
- select the newly installed queue "hp universal printing xxx" (xxx stand for either PCL5, PCL6 or PostScript, depending on what you installed)
- hit the delete button

- reconnect the printer


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bostonstausAuthor Commented:
I followed your instructions and installed the universal print driver. When i try to print now it says that this printer is not a supported HP device and does not print. No matter what driver i use, it seems to start receiving data instantly but takes up to 30 seconds to start printing. I'm really hoping someone on here has another solution so i can get this printer working as it should be.  Also, when i try to delete the dot4 ieee 1284 port, it says that its not an accessible function but it wont even communicate unless its on that port. When the printer is put on a usb port, there is no data sent over to the printer at all.
bostonstausAuthor Commented:
Can i please get another solution or recommendation to this issue. I need to get this printer working right and the only solution i have received didn't work.
I finally fixed this slow USB printing issue today at my job.  Here's what worked for me:

Go into Device Manager and find the entry for IEEE 1284.  If there are more than one, expand them until you find the one for DOT4USB, then update through Windows Update.  

I found the solution on HP's forum: http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/bizsupport/questionanswer.do?threadId=1112580&prodTypeId=18972&prodSeriesId=1846088

Good luck!

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