hotmail not receiving mail from php mail() function

gmail and yahoo no problemo, hotmail and sympatico not so good the server send the email no problem but I do not receive it in a hotmail account (I checked the junk folder, not there either).

Anybody has an idea why? And of course how to fix the problem.
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Check your mailserver (sendmail? Postfix?) log and see the error code. From what i can read here it looks like the mail is sent fine but rejected by hotmail/Sympatico, this is usually due to missing reverse dns entry or other details that may let you appear like a spammer. A Look at the (successfully delivered) mail might give some clues.

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gamebitsAuthor Commented:
I do not control the server (I am with Midphase) I contacted their support service and they worked with me but the problem is still unresolved, here is a copy of one of their last email about it.

"It reaches my midphase account, any gmail account, and any yahoo account.
However I have still not received any to my hotmail account.  The mail logs
show that it is reached and completed.  However this does not look true.  I
believe hotmail changed the way they accept mail.  So I went ahead and added an
spf record to your account.  This will take 3-6 hours to propagate, but may
solve the problem."

This was last week. I also try to see what hotmail had to say about it, haven't received a reponse yet.
Ray PaseurCommented:
The SPF record is a good idea.  But there may still be a lot of hurdles, for example,

The sending server may still be adding "anti-abuse" headers to the message, and hotmail may see these, and knowing that it is server-generated, discarding it as spam.

The sending server may be on a blacklist that hotmail uses.

The sending server may have an IP address that is close to a blacklisted IP address.

In short, there are a lot of things you cannot control and these can determine whether the mail gets through or not.  One suggestion is to try using PHPMailer.  It can connect to an SMTP server and send the mail through that server.  Not sure if this will do the job, but it is worth a try.

Best of luck with it, ~Ray
gamebitsAuthor Commented:
Thank you to all who participate, I will split the points.

For future reference here is the way the problem was solved (email from the support department of my webhost)

"The main reason of why it may be failing is due to the fact all ISPs verify the sender email address before the email gets accepted.

By default, php_mail() uses <CPANEL_username>@<domain.tld> as the "From" address which's "DEFAULT EMAIL ADDRESS" in your case.

1) The mailbox "EMAIL ADDRESS" didn't exist, so the verification would fail. I created it within your account with the password..."

So basically you need to create an email account with your cpanel to get Hotmail to accept mail sent by phpmail(), now my only problem is the mail end up in the junk folder. This will be another question.
gamebitsAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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