fieldname error

I am trying to insert EstimateID from customerinfo table into EstimateID in lineitem table.
I know the field EstimateId is in the table customer info and I know the field EstimateID is tin the table lineitems.
But for some reason I get error say Field EstimateID is not found in customerinfo table.
My  sql is simple select * from customerinfo.

What is wronge here....?
sum,l,w,d  : double;
  l:= strToFloat(dbedit3.Text);
  w:= strToFloat(dbedit4.Text);
  d:= strToFloat(dbedit5.Text);
  sum := (2*l*w) + (2*w*d) + (2*l*d);
  dbedit6.Text:= floattostr(sum);
  Sum:= Sum * strToFloat(frmsetup.Edit5.text);
  dbedit7.Text := Format('%.2f',[sum]);
  datamodule1.AQlineitems.FieldByName('EstimateID').AsInteger:=  Datamodule1.AQcustomerinfo.fieldbyname('EstimateID').AsInteger;
         datamodule1.AQlineitems.FieldByName('CustomerID').AsInteger:=datamodule1.AQcustomerinfo.fieldbyname('CustomerId').AsInteger;<<<<<<<Crashes Here

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Grant FullenAsked:
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Grant FullenAuthor Commented:
Same thing if i try simple insert ...........
with datamodule1.AQcustomerinfo do
    if active then
    SQL.Text := 'INSERT INTO lineitems (EstimateID) VALUES (:ID)';
    Parameters.ParamByName('ID').Value := Datamodule1.AQcustomerinfo.fieldbyname('EstimateID').AsInteger;

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Double-click on the AQcustomerinfo component to get the list of fields up.  Is estimateid defined in the list?
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
try this to see if that field exists:

function DataModule1.FieldExists(TableName, FieldName: string): boolean;
var Qry: TQuery;
  Qry := TQuery.Create(Self);
    Qry.Database := 'xxx'; // attach to database alias
    Qry.SQL.Text := Format('SELECT * FROM %s WHERE 1 = 0', TableName);
    Result := Qry.FindField(FieldName) <> Nil;

then to check:

  if not DataModule1.FieldExists('CUSTOMERINFO', 'ESTIMATEID') then
    ShowMessage('Field ESTIMATEID does not exist in CUSTOMERINFO');

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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
did you add some fields, by using right click editor, add fields
and then not add the ones you created last in the database
by using add missing fields
My  sql is simple select * from customerinfo
Instead of your SQL statement with the asterisk, try specifying the list of columns (including the one that is indicated as not being there).  Then, try opening the SQL statement.  If you can still successfully open the statement, then your field does exist with that name.  On the other hand, if the Open fails, your field either doesn't exist in that table or doesn't exist with that name.  (It may be that there is a typo in the field name.)
You didn't mention the DBMS that you are using.  There may be issues involving the particular DBMS.  For instance, if you are accessing a Case Sensitive isnstance of certain DBMS, you might have an issue of "EstimateID" in your program and "EstimateId", "estimateID", "estimateid", "Estimateid", or even "ESTIMATEID" in the DBMS for the column name.  
IT is usually a wise choice to notuse the asterisk in your queries and, instead, to actually list the columns you want to retrieve.
Grant FullenAuthor Commented:
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