Code to Open A Word Document in VBA

I would like to be able to open a word file through the click event of a button on a VBA project form.
The following line of code does that for me. It opens a document Blood Results New for me.

Application.Documents.Open ("C:\Reports\Jaunary\Blood Results New.doc")

However due to some special reasons I wish to provide the name of the file to be opened through a through two string variables rather than directly.

For example my preferred code would be like this.

Dim FirstPart as String
Dim SecondPart as String

FirstPart  = Blood Result
SecondPart = New.Doc

Then I would like to open the file Blood Result New.doc through code similar to the following.
Application.Documents.Open ("C:\Reports\Jaunary\ FirstPart & SecondPart")

I had hoped that this new line of code will do the same job for me as the code I have listed before, but unfortunately it does not work.

Many thanks for your help.
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Chris BottomleySoftware Quality Lead EngineerCommented:
Hello FaheemAhmadGul,

Application.Documents.Open ("C:\Reports\Jaunary\" & FirstPart & "\" & SecondPart)

Chris BottomleySoftware Quality Lead EngineerCommented:

Sorry I initially thought folder and filename ... perhaps:

Application.Documents.Open ("C:\Reports\Jaunary\" & FirstPart & SecondPart)


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I think that you might be omitting the space:

MyDoc = Application.Documents.Open ("C:\Reports\Jaunary\" & FirstPart & " " & SecondPart)

I also notice that there is an 's' missing, but that might just be a typing error for this question.
FaheemAhmadGulAuthor Commented:
Many thanks. It worked perfectly. I am very grateful.
FaheemAhmadGulAuthor Commented:
Thanks Graham for your comment. I also noticed the missing space (" " ) and I corrected it myself.
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