Boot Disk Failure

I am running windows XP, I can get past post, get to the desktop then screen goes blank and I get the disk boot failure.

I can boot into safe mode w/networking, I checked msconfig startup nothing fishy there. I ran a chkdsk no bad sectors. I did not notice any new updates that may have caused this. I reseated all cables, still no dice.

Any suggestions?
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Have you got System Restore setup? That would probably get you out of trouble.

I've given up trying to fix windows when it goes weird - now that there several excellent free tools out there to back up and restore a systems disk.

Try this one

Build a bootable flash memory (usb stick works well), backup your current system. I that works, there's probably not much wrong with might re-install, and then take a pristine backup of your system, when you get it back the way you like it.

These days, I restore my boot disk regularly - just keep your data elsewhere, and most windows blues can be kept at bay with little frustration.

If you can get to Safe Mode, did you try booting to last Known Good Configuration?
How about a Spyware check?  If you don't have one, try
Did you update and run your AntiVirus?
Or, if you have the Windows CD, try a repair install and then check for malware/viruses in Safe Mode.
mattscaffaAuthor Commented:
I can go to safe mode with networking, but  can't get to the internet, I run my antivirus, and then after like 20minutes, screen goes blank, and the boot disk failure comes back...

I have not tried a repair, if i go that route I am going to wipe it all out reload and create a backup image for future recovery, just trying to see what the problem is here, i think it's a wierd windows issue.

BTW, i tried last known config, but it also goes right into the boot disk failure... wierd.
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Where exactly are you getting this error? In Windows ? (the boot disk failure) or before going into windows?  Check your bios, make sure your boot order is correct.
If you keep losing the boot order, get a new batter for your motherboard.

Boot from the XP cd, recovery console and do a chkdsk /r   takes a while but lets you know if bad sectors are there for sure.

Are you saying you CAN boot into xp and stay there successfully but then your machine just goes out and restart randomly? Blue screen? Give us exact error and when you are getting it. Check and replace Sata/ide cables, check for firmly connected.

Don't leave bootable cd in in CDrom drive. Really check ssata cable/ide cables. Sata has the tendency to expand it's sides.

See if you can hear any abnormal whizzes, high pitch sounds, clicks coming from drive.

Lasts resorts try fixmbr and fixboot commands from recovery console.
mattscaffaAuthor Commented:
My system posts ok, i can get into XP, after about 10 min the screen goes black and then i get the boot disk failure written in white text on top of screen.

I can get into safe mode with networking and it will stay up without going down. I ran a chkdsk in dos and showed no bad sectors. Bios has HD as first boot device, that never changes. There are no disks ever in the CD rom. I have reseated the SATA and power cables.

While in Safe mode with netwroking, I cannot get out to the internet, so I cannot run an online scan, however I try and run my AVG, it will scan in safe moe, but after 20min or so, I get the boot disk error screen again.

I checked logs and processes nothing going on...
I left my XP CD at work, so have not done a recovery console as of yet..

No abnormal noises or anything like that...

I have everything backed up, so I can just re-image and pull down my backup, just wondering what happened, or if anyone has ever seen this before...
Ive seen boot disk failure errors before going into windows..but while using xp after a bit then black screen with boot disk failure? This is a first to me. Is that the exact error it says, simply 'boot disk failure'?

I would reinstall your chipset drivers, maybe its amd based, nforce, intel, etc..
Device manager, under ide/atapi controllers, right click uninstall ..reboot let it reinstall.

Hopefully this isn't a sign of hardware failure of drive.

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Did chipset drivers/reinstall of ide/atapi controllers help?
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