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I have three pcs that I want to connect to on a VPN. I can remote desktop to one of the computers just fine. The other two I get an error message that says the connection won't go because of network problems. I can ping back and forth between all of the computers and the mac. I also wasn't able to connect to any of the computer shared files but I can connect to the NAS. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated
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No problem - these things happen!

To test a server to see whether it is accepting connections for RDP, you could just go to a command prompt and type:

telnet <ipaddress> 3389

You should get a banner returned that shows:

Trying x.x.x.x...
Connected to x.x.x.x.
Escape character is '^]'.

That will show that no firewalls are blocking the port and that the service is listening on the port, without having to go through authentication..... this works similarly for mail servers (port 25), web servers (port 80), , etc.... just telnet the ip address with the port you want to connect on.

Hope this helps in future...
Firewall issues?  

Are you connecting using RDP?  Windows firewall should permit Remote Desktop (TCP 3389).  You can use telnet or nmap to test the availability of the service.
loyaldavisAuthor Commented:
The problem was my own stupidity, I set the firewall to allow remote desktop but forgot to set permissions in system properties>remote. Duh! But thanks for getting back to me. How would you use telnet to test the rdp?
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