Configure Exchange 2007 for hosting multiply company domains & access.

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on this.  I want to configure a seperate exchange 2007 box for my customers to access, seperate from my current network and Active Directory, and completely independant from the individual companies.  Pretty much to host Exchange services for my clients at a low cast.  Is this possible and how & what do I need.  I know Exchange Std has a 5 database limit, and enterprise has a 50 database limit.
Edgardo VazquezIT TechAsked:
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your after an exchange 2007 box with address list segregation -

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why do u want to have different machines..
you can use the same server. add that second domain in accepted domain and filter out those users.
you can manage those users in your AD !. i guess ths would be the best way.
Edgardo VazquezIT TechAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks for putting me on the right path guys.  What about login info.  Can I use there email address for logging in, or the regular account login in AD all I have. Suppose there are multiple John Smith, JSmith or john in different domains?
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that would be fine
TristanIT ManagerCommented:
Do you really want to be giving random outsiders access to internal servers?

Put a separate server with it's own domain on it's own vlan.

Think about the risks to your own internal servers and data.

Just because these people are your customers doesnt mean that they won't try and take advantage of the level of access that you need to grant them to access your servers and network.

They don't even have to try to be in a position where they can cause damage to your network; viral and spyware infections, worms,  trojans flooding your corporate email servers with spam, the list goes on.

can you please tell me what do u mean By RISK?
you are creating a SMTP address.. stamping it on filtered users. thats it !
which data are you talking about ????
how can one user access others data?
how can anyone damage the server with virus???  no idea why you are scaring without giving EXPLANATION or a relevent MS Article supporting your answer!!!
Please suggest things instead of cross comments.

TristanIT ManagerCommented:
I wasn't cross at all.
Sounds like you need to take a deep breath yourself.
Just because someone has a different opinion to you doesnt mean you have to attack them.

TristanIT ManagerCommented:
Since no one pointed this out it's important that you understand that Microsoft do not recommend using the "Address List Segragation" functionality for the purposes of Exchange hosting.
 Have a good look through the Address List Segragation doc on Microsoft Technet and they explicitly state that it's not a good idea.
If you did want to do some hosting for your clients then Microsoft Hosted Messaging and Collaboration solution
I would suggest you defintely do not want to be giving access to your exchange AD environment to anyone outside your company.
It's like handing out your front door key to everyone in your neighbourhood; you never know who's going to come in and trash your place.
Serious risk involved.
Anyway, best of luck.
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