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Test Barracuda 310 firewall?


We have a Barracuda 310 firewall/spyware sitting in our rack, and my off-site network engineer, after rerouting traffic through a separate satellite office, has asked that I test the Barracuda's firewall before flipping the switch back to the previous settings.

How, exactly, can I test the firewall's legitimacy? I will visit an inappropriate website or two, but physically, will I plug the LAN cable that exits the Cuda into my test laptop? Or do I grab the WAN connection? And do I need a static IP? (Plugging directly into the switch sends me through the reroute.)

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the web filter act as a bridge so all that you would need to do is connect your laptop or whatever device to the lan side of the 310. then set your gateway to whatever the gateway is for the network the 310 is connected to for instance.....If your barracuda sits between the core network and distribution network you would plug your device into the lan port of the 310 and set the ip address of your device to something in the distribution layer and set your device gateway to the device that gets you off the distribution network such as a core router or your internet connection device ip.

hope this helps
bocnetadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks ksims1129. I'll give it a shot on Tuesday when I return to the office. I'll let you know.
bocnetadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks ksims1129! All is well on my end.
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