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I am totally newbie in GIMP. How can I remove this yellow line? What is that yellow line? I tried Remove All Selection in all layers but nothing.
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The yellow line is layer boundary of the active layer. This means that your drawing "paper" is smaller than the image area. It can be useful if you have more such papers on the image, like when you produce a poster from many little pictures.
What should you do, depends on what you want.
You can make this line invisible (unclick view > show layers boundary), but I don't recommend you that because you are still not aware of layers.
You can make layer bigger, by layer > layer to image size - when you see the yellow line.
But, I think that in your case layer came accidentally, and the best thing is to delete it: when you see the yellow line, go to layer > delete layer. You can make a layer active by clicking on its name in layer dialog (press ctrl+L to show it).
Important: it should be useful to see how you made that layer... I suppose it was a mistake...

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GIMP takes a long while to get used using - which version are you using? You might want to update to the latest version if you haven't already I've found that program to be quite buggy in the past.

I'm not knocking it all, but still it's not even close to how powerful and easy to use Photoshop is!  
jr_barros_jrAuthor Commented:
Thank you
... but GIMP is free, and PhotoShop has to be bought... or stolen...
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