Migration from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008: Adprep retuned: Adprep returned: -1073741818(-1073741818)


Just trying the migration to SBS 2008 for the first time and the prepration failed: Cannot prepare the Source Server for migration

The logfile is attached, but this is the portion that failed. I wonder what does that mean:
05/23/2009 22:05:33              Adprep returned: -1073741818(-1073741818)
05/23/2009 22:05:33              Skipping domain prep, since ADPrep failed.
05/23/2009 22:05:33          ProgressPage: Task Finished.  Succcess=False
05/23/2009 22:05:33          ProgressPage: Starting task Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Migration.LicensingQFE
05/23/2009 22:05:33              Current version: 5.2.3790.131072
05/23/2009 22:05:33              Service pack version = 2
05/23/2009 22:05:33              Running D:\tools\KB943494\WindowsServer2003-KB943494-x86-ENU.exe /quiet /norestart
05/23/2009 22:07:15              Package returned: 3010 (0xBC2)
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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
Please run the following from the command line:

dcdiag >c:\DCDiag.txt

Post the resulting dcdiag.txt file here.

phermiAuthor Commented:
Dear Philip,
Thanks. I did that before and forgot to mention it. All tests were passed. By the way, the only location I found dcdiag.exe was c:\Windows\ServicePackFile\i386.
I have ran this in my head for quite some time and even though the Migration steps do not mention any special steps regarding anti-virus and other security software, I think that may have been the cause as changes to registry were monitored by those programs.
Anyway, any input is appreciated.

Hello phermi,

please follow this site links: http://sbs.editme.com/sbs2008migration
and certainly this link: http://blogs.technet.com/asksbs/archive/2008/09/05/preparing-sbs-2003-for-migration-to-sbs-2008.aspx
follow ALL steps preparing the source server.



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phermiAuthor Commented:
Hello all,

First of all, thanks to both. suppswas, thanks for the links .. they complement what I already have. I am following version 3 of the MS migration guide as the main doc.

Now, let me provide you with an update on what I have done:

1 - During the first attempt, the one that triggered this post, I got some recommendations from the Best Practices Analyzer (BPA). The ones that seemed relevant were the offload setting on the NIC (must be OFF) and the EchangeVdir default folder which I had to change because of OWA/OMA issues in the past. The other was related to DNS which I have not ON. So for the second attempt, I fixed all that and got no "errors" from the BPA.

2 - I got an Acronis image of the server converted to Virtual PC 2007 disc file and boot it my server under Virtual PC 2007 on a W7 machine.

3 - Once my VM server was up, I disabled all security software (NAV, Spyware, etc) as well as killing unneeded programs like UPS control, remote control, etc. (the last just to free up some memory and ease the CPU).

4 - Ran the prep tool and this time, AFTER A LONG WAIT, it was a success!

So, there are only 2 explanations for the initial problem:

A - No taking care of ALL BPA "errors" the first time
B - Security Software

At this point, I think I am ready to roll as soon as my 8 GB of memory arrive this week. However, I would like to hear your take on this and keep the post open just in case I ran into more trouble while doing the "real" migration later this week.


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