What is the better software / solution for send 500k emails per month (no spam) a

Hi, i need send 500k emails per week to our customers and i'm searching the better solution, i think i need this features for manage my list and not be a spammer for hotmail, yahoo, etc.
.-Limit the max emails per domain and time (example 1 per 5 minutes)
.-Manage multiple lists
.-email address verified
.-manage bounces (email address not exist, mailbox full, etc) and mark address as bouncer
.-Multi ip for use 2 ip address for less bounce
.-Spf and domainkeys
Other that i don't thinked but will be necessary and How i can setup my spf and request to hotmail, yahoo, aol, etc whitelisting in your servers

Many thanks
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when you say 500k, you mean 500,000 emails every week?

This is a job to be contracted out to a professional company that does this kind of thing. There are some tools that are capable of sending out bulk emails with the features you suggested. I personally use ListMessenger, which is a very nice web-based tool good for small batch jobs (a few thousand maybe), and runs entirely in PHP without any actual software necessary on the web host.

But the bottleneck won't be the software. It will be either your ISP or your web hosting server that will have a fit if you try and bulk email that many messages at the same time (unless you have a specific contract with them letting you use their services that way).

Easier is to have a company that specializes in bulk email distribution do it for you I think.
soyglobalAuthor Commented:
We don't have limit about isp and web hosting due that we have 6 dedicated servers.
third companies fees are very expensive ($3000 usd per month)
I'm searching for a open source tool, or one time fee license.
Okay, well in that case it sounds a lot like what you're looking for is to setup your server with LISTSERV.


They are pricy, ranging from $500 to $10,000 depending on what you want. You have to contact their sales for a final figure. There's trial versions you can download to test it out first, though.

Alternatively, there is also MAILMAN, which is free if you feel comfortable setting up things like this in linux:

Not 100% sure how well it scales. This website has a nice review of mailman and suggests that you can get about 100 messages per second on a good day: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/3844
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It does appear to be possible to load-balance Mailman across a couple of servers as well through the use of NFS file shares. You may be able to use that to your advantage.

You can try  Sendblaster Free Edition 1.5.5 for your desktop computer.

 If you want a software that you can use with your own server then you can go for "G-Lock EasyMail" all you need to do is.. download the free software from the website and install IIS server on your server then select the mode "IIS SMTP Service Pickup".

If you are finding a free webhost who will allow you to send bulk e-mails then it is not possible because of possible spam abuse. so its better to give try to above softwares.

let me know if you need further help

soyglobalAuthor Commented:
Because is needly install IIS server for send the emails?
I will suggest you to go and try "send blaster", i have given it a try and it comes with free send blaster's smtp a/c which you can use to send e-mails. if you will purchase the license it will remove all restrictions.

pls check the below urls for more details


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