Routing Table on T1 Router

Posted on 2009-05-23
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Last Modified: 2012-06-27
Hi ok I think the only thing I'm missing is the right Routing Table on my T1 Router.

I need help creating the right Routing Table for my T1 to work.

This is the info I have from Provider

LAN Information:
LANBlock:                                         xx.xx.xx.16

LAN/Ethernet/Gateway IP Address: xx.xx.xx.17

Broad Cast IP Address:                    xx.xx.xx.23

Subnet Mask:                  

My Dual WAN Router has a DSL in 1 port and the other is for the T1

T1 Router is where I need my routing table to be set up.

Behind the T1 Router I have my Dual Wan.

Ip on Dual wan is xx.xx.xx.20
Gateway xx.xx.xx.17

I plan the T1 Router to be in xx.xx.xx.17
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Expert Comment

ID: 24461647
this sound real confusing. can you dreaw a picture of your environment and im sure i can help you with this. by the way what are the brands of the routers you are using

Author Comment

ID: 24464035
Ok here I go.

T1 Line from AT&T connects to Adtran 600R (the one I need to configure the Routing Table.

I have 5 Ip's available to use. from 17 to 22

Adtran ETH Interface I have it set up on xx.xx.xx.17  SM

.                        (Cloud / AT&T)                                                     (Cloud / DSL)
.                                  |                   _______________                     |
.                                  | CSU          |  ETH                      |                    |
.                          ===============                        |                    |
.                          |    Adtran T1            |                        |                    |
.                          ===============                        | WAN 2         | WAN 1
.                         ETH IP xx.xx.xx.17                         ===================
.                         SM                     |    Cisco Linksys RV082    |
.                                                                              ===================
.                                                                                WAN IP   xx.xx.xx.20  
                                                                                 GW         xx.xx.xx.17

1 - In the Adtran I can setup Gateway IP and I did setup xx.xx.xx.23 as AT&T send me for Broadcast IP  or should it be xx.xx.xx.16?


2- Now I need the Routing Table and I've never done it manually.

The Linksys should be in the same IP family with a Public IP as the Linksys is the one maintaining the Private IP side.

Is this any better now? The info on the IP settings is exacly as I got it from AT&T .


Expert Comment

ID: 24467681
So is it safe to say that you cant get to the internet over your T1 circuit from the ethernet jack on tyhe adtran router? What are you trying to accomplish because iu am still missing that part?
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Author Comment

ID: 24470083
I need to create the routing Table.

The Adtran doesn't create one by itself.

Like I said at the begining I need the Routing table.
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Expert Comment

ID: 24475826
The Adtran only needs a single route, a default route via xx.xx.xx.17.

Author Comment

ID: 24478487
Something like this?

I never done on manually so If you can please show me I'l appreciate it.     xx.xx.xx.23
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Expert Comment

ID: 24479475
Actually the default route next hop should be the other end of the T1 (AT&T router).  They should have provided this as part of the WAN IP information.

Author Comment

ID: 24479506
That is the Thing We don't have an AT&T Router.
the Adtran is the Router for T1

That's why I'm asking about the config and Routing tables.

I'm use to setting up Routers adter T1 or DSL's

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Expert Comment

ID: 24481911
The AT&T Router I am referring to is the other end of the T1 (at AT&T not in your location).  This is the gateway to the Internet.  On the Adtran, what is the WAN/T1 IP address and subnet mask on the serial interface?  Typically AT&T will provide a /30 ( subnet to be used for the T1.  The only other useable IP address in that /30 will be your default gateway.  This should have been provided by AT&T on your order form pertaining to WAN IP addressing.

Author Comment

ID: 24489809
Yes JF, AT&T forgot to send me the first part.

I got their Ip Settings now and the T! Interface set up.
Still having problems with the routing though.

Let's say that WAN settings are  yy.yy.yy.GW  yy.yy.yy.IP

Would that help you create a table for me to try?

Thank you.
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Accepted Solution

The--Captain earned 1000 total points
ID: 24490183
Download the manual for your Adtran here:


It *has* utilities to test connectivity.  Have you tried them?  If they fail, then we need to be focusing on the Adtran first, and not mixing in extra equipment into the mess just yet.

If they succeed, then we can move on to the additional issues...

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Assisted Solution

JFrederick29 earned 1000 total points
ID: 24491906
You only need a default route on the Adtran.

Try this:

ip route yy.yy.yy.GW

Author Comment

ID: 24508204
I tried that but Is not letting me set it up. it says Route invalid.

I have set up the gateway.

Why is not leeting me set it up?
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Expert Comment

ID: 24508577
If you setup a gateway, that is all you should need.  Can you post a "show ip route".

Author Comment

ID: 24510494
not a recognized command for this unit I guess

showdmtf x is what I can do with show

Author Comment

ID: 24510551
Configuration so far

Interfaces > T1 > Config

Timming mode: NETWORK
Format: ESF
Line Code: B8Zs
Equalization: 0DB
CSU LPBK: Enable

TA 600R/L2 Protocol[1]/Interface
L2 Protocol          x     Interface  Protocol  Config  Status
                            x  0      T1        PPP      [+]     [+]
                            x  1     ETH       802.3     [+]     [+]

PPP          Max Config              20
              x Max Timer (sec)         3
              x Max Failure             5
              x Keepalive Period (min)  0 (Off)
              x Force Peer IP Address   No
              x Send Identification     Yes

TA 600R/Router/Config/Interfaces
Interfaces         x Num Interface  Sub-Interface  Setup
                         x  1     ETH       802.3[1.0]    [+]
                         x  2      T1        PPP[0.0]     [+]

ETH   (the is just until we can be sure it is working. IP later will be Public 12.xx.xx.xx)

Primary IP   x IP Address
                   x Subnet Mask
                   x RIP          [+]
                   x Proxy ARP    No


Setupx Active              Yes
     x Address Mode          User Specified
     x Local IP Address      att.att.att.serial IP
     x IP Netmask    
     x Far-End IP Address  att.att.att.ATTRouter Ip
     x NAT                 [+]   (is disabled)
     x RIP                 [+]    Version    Off
                                       Method     Split Horizon
                                       Direction  Tx and Rx
                                       V2 Secret  *******.


Routes                 x Default Gateway  att.att.att.ATTROUTER IP
                            x Static Routes    [+]

Static Routes          Num Active    IP Address      Subnet Mask       Gateway     Hops
                                1        No                  1

Herre I can't add the att.att.att.ATTROUTER IP as gateway it will error out


TA 600R/Router/Status/IP Routes
IP Routes                        IP Address        Netmask         Gateway                     Port       Use
                                0                 local        0
                                1           eth0       22
                                2        local       0
                                3                  local       0
                                4   local       0

would that help any?

This are the main options

TA 600R/Router
System Info   x Config  [+]
System Config x Status  [+]
System Utilityx
Interfaces    x
L2 Protocol   x
Bridge        x
Router        x
Security      x
DS0 Maps      x
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Expert Comment

ID: 24517093
Looking at the manual, looks like the default config is to use the WAN interface as the default gateway so the below is fine.

Static Routes          Num Active    IP Address      Subnet Mask       Gateway     Hops
                                1        No                  1

However, looking at your routing table, it appears the T1 is not "up".  It is connected to the router, right?  

If you go into "Interfaces" then Status for the T1, what does it show?

Author Comment

ID: 24524035
Don't ask me that question please.....

I spend the whole weekend on the phone with AT&T various.. and I MEAN various groups or departments. until I got tired and told them hey We Pay to AT&T I don't care about your divisions I want mey T1 UP.

Well it ended up Sunday at 2 PM with a phone call telling me that they foound the right department but the T1 was still on Provisioning,

Well the sheet says that is was to be turned on 4-30-09

And it has been up for a few hours some days......

I'm so happy......

So all the rest it looks fine to you then.?

I'll let you know when they decide to turn it on...

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Expert Comment

ID: 24525595
Ahh, the joy of working with service providers <8-]

Yes, everything looks good with the rest of the config (assuming you will change the LAN interface to the public block AT&T provided).

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