image_contacts.png - I am trying to recreate the photo from Northwind to Access

I know that I am missing something which is prob right in front of my eyes.  In Northwind you have a place for a customer photo.  I have duplicated this and it works perfectly and I can now add students photos no problem at all.  But I want a default photo - I see that they used image_contacts.png, I would like one that is just a head but you cannot see if its male or femal,  but I cannot find it in Northwind, nor can I find a path to it.  I know it is there, it has to be, but where and how do I add th photo.  I also dont seem to be totally understanding the three parts of the attachment field and how they work on the form, any help would be appreciated please
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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:

See these links

<I would like one that is just a head but you cannot see if its male or femal...>
"The One"??
Which one?
Where have you seen this icon?

Please remember that whenever you se an image you like you can do a PrintScreen in windows and capuer it.
You can paste it into MS Paint, or any other Graphics program and manipulate it to your liking.
Then simply set it as the default Icon.

For example here is my "EEppl" from this site:

My Northwind database (A2003) does not store pictures of customers. What Access Version are you using? My Northwind database uses OLE objects to store low resolution images of food items.  - you probably don't want to use that for photos. Better would be linking. See below.

If image_contacts.png is stored in an OLE object, you will have a tough time getting it out. (One problem Of OLE objects). Your best bet is screen capture like prtscr then crop.

As far as a generic head silhouette (I googled "head silhouette"), how's this?

Here are two sample databases for storing images.  

This one links to images stored outside of the database which is preferred to the second method because Access is not good at storing images within it:

This one stores the images within Access.
It is ok to do this for very small images such as icons but will rapidly bloat the database to unusable size if used for larger images.  Here is a link of someone who is trying to fix a database that has bloated with Word and Excel OLE objects:

Here is another reference for storing images within Access as Blobs. Does not create bloat.;en-us;103257#appliesto

And here are articles about the comparable merits of the three different image storage methods.
AnnetteDavidAuthor Commented:
Wonderful, such an easy quick to understand answer and worked brilliantly
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

Sorry for the spelling errors.
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