Is the best combination Kaspersky, Windows Firewall and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (paid version)?

Would it be the best combination to use Kaspersky Internet Suite 2009 but turn off the firewall and the anti-malware protection? Instead, I want to use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (real-time protection) and Windows own firewall.
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For me the the old adage 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' -  if you are careful while using your Windows machine - ie if you download something KNOW what your downloading, whihc programs you are running. Get familiar with your startup settings and services, and how to monitor your registry and where/what your hkey_local_machine\windows\softwaRE\currentversion\run is for.

If you suspect a problem, all those products are fantastic. I also recommend Hijackthis and Spybot : Search and Destroy (updated regularly).

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I would say leave the malware protection on in Kaspersky unless it actually prompts you that theres a conflict with Malwarebytes. The windows firewall is a good call as the newest version of Kaspersky has been giving me blue screens on vista with the firewall on.
I think its a great combination, nothing beats virus detection levels of Kaspersky.
That is a very good combination. However, for pure detection rates, I think Bitdefender slightly outperforms Kaspersky. I have used both programs, and I will say this:
Kaspersky is lighter, therefore slows down your PC less, keeping boot/load times very reasonable.
Bitdefender is a bit heavier, and slows you down more, but has higher detection rates than Kaspersky.
Both however, are excellent programs. I suggest you try them both and see what suits your needs.
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many folks I know have had good results also with AVG Free. I personally use a combination of SpyBot S&D and AVG Free; have been using this combination for quite a while, but am quite careful and cognizant about sites I visit and emails I open.

So far have not had any trouble.

Both of these products are free, and both seem to not extract too big of a hit on system resources.  
I was using SpyBot S&D and AVG Free when I got hit by a wareout infection (  Kaspersky Internet Suite 2009 found stuff SpyBot S&D and AVG Free missed. Just two days into the Kaspersky trial, I find it uses a lot less than AVG Free.  After two very frustrating days of cleaning out the wareout infection, I'm watching this thread with great interest.
Yes, I definitely agree with thenelson - some apps catch things others miss. I do a lot of work for clients who call me after their machines are already infected - some very badly - maybe even with HUNDREDS of problems. I keep an arsenal of tools to try and catch the problems. And until a machine comes back CLEAN, multiple times, using multiple tools, I keep trying different tools and combinations of tools.

I've heard lots of good reviews about Kaspersky from multiple sources.

My clients are always looking for alternatives to the 'mainstream' apps, the Nortons and the Symantecs and the McAffees. . . . . And they usually are looking for free or cheap alternatives, especially for those that do not require annual renewals.

My home network hosts 4 users, 3 Windows machines, 3 macs, and 1 fedora box. So far we have done well with the protection we have. I encourage my other family members to be cognizant of the sites they go to, the emails they open, and generally their on-line behaviors. So far so good.

There will definitely be many solutions out there always, to meet the needs of the variety of users.

Good luck.

So Dennis,

You left out what protection you are using on your home network. Why would be nice too.

AVG Free, Sypybot S&D.

Windows Firewall.

On the Mac side, the MacOSX internal firewall, but using WaterRoof as gui interface.

Running a virtual WinXP machine on a couple of the Macs; on those also using AVG Free and Spybot and the Windows Firewall.

In the process of setting up a dedicated iptables box using Fedora

DSL Router doing NAT.

Open DNS for content filtering (for my 10 yr old and 12 yr old.)

Have been using AVG Free for 5 or so years. Before that was using Norton. Got tired of paying $$$, and saw it become mre and more of a system resources hog. Have been using SpyBot S&D for about 2 1/2 yrs. Before that was using Webroot SpySweeper, which worked great for 6 months or so, but then started bogging my system down fiercely. that is when I switched to SpyBot S&D.

Why do I keep using them? These apps have been adequate so far in my situation, and the pricing is right-on!

Nod32+ combofix will be much more helpful.
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