Hello everybody.

Recently I lost my language bar in Vista. It was working fine with 4-5 languages and so on. When I say "lost" I mean that it disappeared from the taskbar down right, near the clock, volume etc. I'm still having the functionality of changing input language (through Shift+Alt combination).


I went to "Regional and Language Options>Change keyboards>Language Bar" and  the right option was still selected: "Docked in the taskbar".

1) I tried to deselect>apply>restart>re-select>apply the above option but nothing happened.

2) I made right click on the Taskbar > Toolbars and De-selected the "Language Bar" Toolbar. When I tried to select it again IT WAS DISAPPEARED.

3) I got deperate, I went to "Regional and Language Options" panel and I selected that I want "Language Bar Floating on the Desktop": YES, it worked and the language bar appeared, but whenever I try to minimize the bar to the Taskbar it is DISAPPEARING again ?!?

I have OS "Windows Vista Home - Basic SP1" with latest updates, including Internet Explorer 8.

I would like: 1) To recover Language bar as it is or at least 2) To reset taskbar Toolbars and start over without re-installing.

Kind regards,
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Try executing C:\windows\system32\ctfmon.exe, and see if it comes back.

If this works add it to programs startup, or add this registry modification.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Have you tried these step

   1. Goto Control Panel
   2. then Click Clock, Languages and Regional
   3. then click change keyboard and input method.
   4. On the Keyboard and language tab click change keyboard
   5. Then click on language bar tab
   6. There are 3 point for Language bar
   7. Choose Locked in the task bar
MANGASARAuthor Commented:
Thanks for assistance. Let's see now:

1) epochasset: I'm sorry. It didn't worked. The problem is that the LANGUAGE BAR is LOADED but when minimized it does not show in the taskbar.

2) hellowahab: I have already done what you propose. Obviously, you haven't read carefully my explanations.

Looking forward for more help ;--)
This problem seems to be related to a bug in the task scheduler. Here's how I fixed it in my system:

Start task scheduler (Administrative tools) and select View -> Show hidden tasks.
Go to Task Scheduler Library/Microsoft/Windows/TextServicesFramework, where you should find a task named MsCtfMonitor. This task should run at user logon, so check the history tab looking for any errors. If you run this task manually you'll probably get the language bar back until you log off.
If everything seems ok but still no language bar after a reboot, then start regedit and go to HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Schedule/TaskCache/Logon. Under this key is a set of GUIDs that should correspond to existing tasks under the key HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Schedule/TaskCache/Tasks. On my system there were a few keys that did not have corresponding values under tasks. Backup the key, remove any bad entries, then reboot.

My guess is that the scheduler finds a bad task key at logon and stops without running any remaining tasks.

I hope this helps...
MANGASARAuthor Commented:
zvitam: This is a good guess but unfortunately didn't work for me.


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