Dreamweaver Library Assett Equivalent In Visual Web Developer - How ?

Hi All
Just started using VWD instead of good old Dreamweaver. So in Dreamweaver I used to use the library assetts alot. As an example I had an assett in DW that was a simple mailto: with a few dozen email addresses, I then used to link to this assett from multiple pages, so one change to the assett and it was implemented on all web pages that used it !!

My question is how do I recreate this same functionality within VWD ?
PS.. I am quite desparate for some help on this one !!
Thanks Again
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RouchieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Okay well yes then you have two methods that will work.  The first, and probably most recommended, is a web control.
The second is using SSI, which will work on your machine but might need permissions to run if you're using Vista.

Web controls are really easy to make.  Just create a new control in VWD, then paste in your HTML and save as an ASCX file.

You can then reference the control on each page like this:

At the top of the page directly under the <% PAGE.... line:

<%@ Register Src="~/mycontrols/controlname.ascx" TagName="JohnsControl1" TagPrefix="John" %>

Then in the page where you want the control to appear just do this:

<John:JohnsControl1 ID="JC1" runat="server" />
Hi there

Are you using any server-side languages (e.g. ASP) or just plain HTML?
If you are using plain HTML could you please check if your web host supports Server Side Include (SSI) functionality?

The problem with DW's assets is that DW secretly updates every page after you make a change to the asset, meaning after changing the asset every page needs to be uploaded.  This is why VWD seemingly doesn't have the feature, as there are much more efficient ways to carry out this task.
mrmad1966Author Commented:
I am using dotnetnuke which essensially runs on .NET v2, but I have both html documents and .aspx that I would like to use . I was fiddling yesterday & I am thinking a web user control may be the item I need to use, do you think I am corect ??
And yes Brinkster who I intend to host with does include SSI, but as mentioned earlier I am only developing on my local machine at this moment in time ! Sorry if I seem a little vague, but Imstill getting my head around both dotnetnuke and aspx !!

One other option to consider if you used assets to create the interface/page layout is master pages, or nested master pages.

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