Setting up SPF for an email campagin for multiple clients

How do I setup spf for my email campgains, Im aware that theres plenty of wizards out there that can help me with this however Im still unable to grasp this fully, giving my scenareo i.e. 
The complication is, Im ideally looking to send a campaign on behalf of a a number of clients, however im unsure if this is possible using my current setup as this is entirely new to me, as basically Im a complete novice on this so Id appreciate a full idiots guide if thats ok, explaining the following i.e.
Should this spf be setup on the from domain e.g. Or the mta domain e.g.

If I have a number of sub domains  who facilitate the send campaigns e.g. , etc  Can this work with spf and if this the best way of doing it  if so which options should I choose.

Also how should my MX records be setup and are these important?
I appreciate that this arguably  a very  obvious queasion for administrators but as my background is a developer  I really would appreciate as much advice as possible and ideally an example of an  email header if possible.

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Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
Hi Paul,

Basically SPF records are intended for providing a means for receiving MTA's to verify if the sending MTA is authorized for the sender domain. So the sender domain must have a TXT record and it should indicate your delivery MTA as a legitimate Sender for the domain. So in short you'll need to modify each an every domain that you'll be forwarding mail on its behalf.

It should be something like:  IN TXT "v=spf1 ip4:x.x.x.x/y  ip4:z.z.z.z/w i~all.

where x.x.x.x/y is a subnet in the form ( assuming that you have a C class IP range for delivery hosts) where your relayed MTA hosts are placed
and z.z.z.z/w is another subnet if you have another subnet for sending.

For more info on SPF records please check here:

Microsoft has a very nice , informative and useful tool to use:

paulCardiffAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that however when you say "authorized for the sender domain", Should this spf be setup on the from domain e.g.

2) Or the mta domain e.g. which sends it?

Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
1) you need to edit the dns for and add a txt record. It will include the IP in it. so that the receiver understands that is authorzed to deliver and it is not a SPAM or Virus (which generally tend to send from unauthorizezed hosts)

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