Crystal Reports - Data not showing on report - Help with linking

Hi There,

I am trying to do a report in crystal that has lots of tables.  I have a lead table which can have one or more additional info details listed so I have the join going from the lead table id to additional info lead id.  I want to display the lead info regardless if there is a matching record in the additional info table.  I have two records in the database for testing.  The first contains a record in the additional info table.  The second record does not contain any additional info record.

This is what happens with linking:

Equal join: Shows only records where data exists in lead table and additional info
Left outer join: Shows  both lead records, but where the record has additional info it hides the subreport and does not show the additional info.  On the second record with no additional info the lead info and additonal info subreport show ( no data in subreport as expected)  
Right outer join: Shows only records where data exists in lead table and additional info

I am new to crystal but surely this should be a left out join but why when I left outer join is it hiding my subreport with data.

Please help.  This is urgent. I am supposed to be going live with this tomorrow morning.
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Is your subreport based on the same table you are adding into the main report?
If so why do you need to do both?

It sounds like you need to check the links from your subreport to your main report, in any case.
mco32Author Commented:
I cut the report way down.

On the main report I have leads (Primary Key Lead ID - Auto number generated)

On the sub report I have Leads + additionalInfo (Foreign key - Leadid)

Against 1 lead you can have many additionalinfo records.

I have attached the links - not really sure what I am doing as its all new to me.
Where did you insert the subreport?

I agree with peter.  I don't see the need for a subreport in this case

Group by lead-id and in the details show the additional information


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mco32Author Commented:
Thanks mlmcc,  Never thought of that.

This is all new to me.  
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