Looking for a good Dual SSID Router & Access Point

I have a small office with a DSL internet connection.  I would like a dual SSID router so that I can offer guest internet access for my visitors.

I would prefer not to spend a bunch of money, but want something reliable.

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naykamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Never used this product but it may be worth looking into.

http://www.mactech.com/articles/mactech/Vol.23/23.01/2301FocusReview/index.html  (NetScreen-5GT)

At least your can set higher security zones for each SSID.

By all means you can go Cisco, run the 1200ap's in standalone mode, but like you said you would have to have compatible controller/switch.

Are you happy to go to the domestic range?
www.tomizone.com is a "out of the box" solution. Uses domestic hardware such as dlink to provide a hotspot as well as a internal network.
Meraki is a *great* solution for this.  I would recommmend the indoor unit.  Very user friendly, you plug it in and then configure it through their website.  Will run two SSID's (ie, one visible for public access and one for your private use).  You can also throttle bandwidth for the public account and configure encryption on your private SSID independent of your public network.

yostnetAuthor Commented:
I am looking at the Meraki Indoor unit.  Is this all I would need?  I do not need/want anything other than the access point itself.

In order to do the DUAL-SSID- do I need a specfic switch in order to trunk ports.

I do a lot of CISCO work and can get many SSID on an Access-Poiint but needs to be paired with a capable switch.
yostnetAuthor Commented:
A couple of other things --

is it just an access point or a router as well?
can you expand a little on how it is configured? you mentioned via a web site?

nico-sloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Each Meraki unit can be a gateway/AP or just an AP.  The devices basically configure themselves when plugged in (they determine if an internet connection is present and configure themselves as gateways if they are).

The configuration is done through a dashboard type website hosted at meraki by entering the serial number of the device.

You don't need a specific switch for the DUAL SSID functionality.  The private/public separation is handled by the unit.
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