Bulding a web/mail server on RAID with Ubuntu 9.04

Hello, for the past few days I have been trying to setup a (proffessional) web/mail server that can host up to 3-4 FQDN domains with virtual users.

I have followed through enough tutorials but none solve some of my questions. i hope you guys will.

So.., I have already setup hardware RAID for 2 x 18.6GB hdd (RAID1) and 4 x 146.5GB(RAID5). I want to use the RAID1 drive for linux installation where I create a /boot, swap and / parition and in the RAID5 I want the users to store data on so I use reaiserfs and /home parition.
First question, does this qualify as an appropriate way to go for what I need o do? or do I have to do anything else in linux installation to set them up as raid(s)?

My next questions is about the domains. Given that I want to manage 3 domains, what should my /etc/hosts file look like?I have godaddy doing the dns and I have redirected the domain to to the server's ip. localhost.localdomain localhost  example.com webserver

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If you have an hardware raid controller, linux is unaware of raid levels on logical partitions. It will simply use the raid logical volumes as partitions.
This means that a failing disk isn't detected of have impact on linux installation.

In case of software raid this is completely different, because linux manage directly the raid via the md mechanism.

Only one thing. If you put the /home on the raid5 volume look well that the mailserver use /home and not /var as the place to store emails.
One more thing, at your place i'll use ext3 and not reiser specially if your mailserver use maildirs and not mailboxes as store, but this is a personal thing.

For the second question you should say how the user will contact the webmail site
I.e. www.example.com, webmail.example.com or other.
You should put in hosts file the right one, but this is not strictly necessary.


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sheshesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help

So I m using my hardware raid without utilising raid in linux....Do I need to setup hardware RAID on top? As I got it now (Hardware raid drives and linux on paritions) if a drive fails the whole system while fail? redundancy is not working?

Is it possible to host multiple fqdn domains (including their corresponding webservers and emails) without running a dns server or with dns done by 3rd party (godaddy)?

You have to setup hardware raid and  build logical volumes to prepare the ground for linux. It's the same for all OS. Then install linux normally.
Making a Raid 1 for os you can survive the crash of one of the two disks. Linux will be unaware of it. It will execute normally with only one disk in place.
In the data volume, raid 5, the system will function normally, with performance loss, with a broken disk.
If you crash two disks in the same volume you lose ALL the content of the volume. That's why you will make backups.

For the dns you can host all the domains you want. I have a mailserver with 12 mail domains and all dns are managed by isp. You only have to config the dns on your mantainer/isp to point to your public ip addresses.

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sheshesAuthor Commented:
thats great. For my final question. I own the domain sheshes-world.com and 23redltd.com. I want to use postfix, courier, mysql and postfixadmin with squirrelmail. I know how to setup postfix with mysql and courier, what I am confused about is my hostname. Do I need to setup a host called webserver to redirect it on this machine?

In postfix configuration I am asked to enter myhostname and myorigini etc. If I want to manage both of my domains I just enter them both in the virtual domains table I ve created in mysql?

In etc/hosts I have modified the file to localhost.localdomain localhost webserver.sheshes-world.com webserver

echo webserver.sheshes-world.com > /etc/hostname

Configure the hostname with a name significant to you as mailserver.sheshes-world.com or mailserver.23redltd.com or mailserver.local. It's not so different.
You will manage the virtual domains for mail directly with postfixadmin.

To reach your machine from internet you can create a dns entry webmail.(the virtual domain) for every of your mail domains and point them to the public ip address of your server.
This have to be done on the control panel of isp/registrar that manage the dns for your domain.

for mulitiple domains you should try virtual hosting
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