Collection is not updating on SCCM 2007

We have new computers added to the domain frequently, and then those computers are moved to their respective OUs accordingly.
Our collections in SCCM are made based on OU filter. The new computers which are added later on, will they get sccm agent deployed on them automatically or they have to be installed manually. Will these new computers appear in my collection automatically ?If its not automatic what is the recommended approach.
The computer has discovered the OU it belongs to but it doesnt appear in that specific collection. It appears in a separate collection named All Systems.
I checked the AD System Group discovery and collection update schedule as adviced by Taino. Below is how they are configured.
Start 4/19/2009 at 3:12 pm. Reccur every 1 days

Start 5/20/2009 at 9:10 pm. Reccur every 1 days

Please help !
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If you have the collection setup to read the AD OU, and SCCM is setup to use the push method of install then it should install the client once it's in the AD OU.

AJN-ITAuthor Commented:
My problem is that it is not coming in that collection pointing to that Active Directory OU. However it is coming into another collection named as All Systems which reads the entire Active Directory on the root.

Please advice
AJN-ITAuthor Commented:
I am referring to a new PC. If a new PC is added to that OU, it doesnt appear into that collection pointing to that OU. However it is coming into another collection named as All Systems which reads the entire Active Directory on the root.
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Yes, I follow that this is a new PC. If you manually update the collection and the press F5 to refresh does that client show up in that collection then?
Under all systems does the client show that it has installed the SCCM client?

I've had times where it's taken a full day before client machines have shown up in my collections, it's never been a big deal because they are still there in All systems if needed and move to the proper collection after a day.

You can also check the log files for the collection manager, those will inform you if there are issues, plus it should be reporting errors under Componet Status, Collection Evaluator. Log file name should be (colleval.log)

Is the client on while SCCM is trying to inventory it?

Hope this helps,

AJN-ITAuthor Commented:
Under All Systems the client is showing that the agent is installed. We have no issues with the client agent installation. Issue is that the new client is not showing in the collection which i created manually, however it is showing in the All Systems collection only.

It has been 2 weeks now and the new machine is still not appearing in that collection i made.

Collection Evaluator under Component Status is Green colour with no errors.

Client is always on.

I am attaching the colleval.log file also with this message.
AJN-ITAuthor Commented:
However i have errors in MP CONTROL MANAGER
AJN-ITAuthor Commented:
We are getting this in the logs of MP Control

Beginning periodic tasks.      SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER      5/27/2009 6:23:40 AM      5908 (0x1714)
RefreshWINSEntry: Refreshing entry in WINS Database...      SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER      5/27/2009 6:23:40 AM      5908 (0x1714)
RegisterWithWINS: Registering the WINS name MP_001          ...      SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER      5/27/2009 6:23:40 AM      5908 (0x1714)
RegisterWithWINS: EnumerateLANAs() returned 0x0      SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER      5/27/2009 6:23:40 AM      5908 (0x1714)
RegisterWithWINS: ResetAll() returned 0x0      SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER      5/27/2009 6:23:40 AM      5908 (0x1714)
NetBIOS_AddName(): LocalName: MP_001           LanaNumber: 1      SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER      5/27/2009 6:23:40 AM      5908 (0x1714)
RegisterWithWINS: NetBIOS_AddName(LANA=1) returned 0x0      SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER      5/27/2009 6:23:43 AM      5908 (0x1714)
RefreshWINSEntry: Register Operation returned 0x0.      SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER      5/27/2009 6:23:43 AM      5908 (0x1714)
Completed periodic tasks.      SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER      5/27/2009 6:23:43 AM      5908 (0x1714)
Are those errors being reported back to the servers event logs under the System or Applications event logs? If so please post those here along with the error logs from the componets having the issues.

I don't see anything wrong on the MP Control log unless you cut off the errors when you made the screen shot. Can you post that entire log here?

AJN-ITAuthor Commented:
By default MP Control Manager, tries to register MP record in WINS Server periodically for non-domain (Workgroup) clients to find MP from WINS, in case someone is managing workgroup clients with SCCM.

This is normal entries and you may ignore them if you are only managing Domain clients.

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