Which properties control the background color of a subreport datasheet?

Which properties control the background color of a subreport datasheet?
Also, is there a way to center the label on a subreport datasheet?
See attached document.
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You can set the Back Color property of the detail section of the subreport, also if u have a page/report header/footer then you can set its back color. You have a specific Back color for any textbox/Label. You can select the Center button on formatting menu to allign the text in the labels to center.
9XqUwH3SAuthor Commented:
Can the subreports that have gray back color on the sample file be changed to white? Are we talking about the same thing? I've found and tried what you said and have had no luck, myself. Are the Phone and Fax subForms/subReports properties suppose to be adjusted some other way?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

<Can the subreports that have gray back color on the sample file be changed to white?>
<Which properties control the background color of a subreport datasheet?>
A Subreport contains sections just like a Main report.
So you don't really change the color of the "Subreport", you change the color of each section.
The predominant section in a report is the Detail section.
So you will have to open the "subreport" itself in design view and set the Background color of the Detail section to to White.
So, go into design view of the sub report itself and change the BackColor property to White (16777215 for Access 2003 and older, #FFFFFF for Access 2007)

<Also, is there a way to center the label on a subreport datasheet?>
The un-centered text is dealt with in the same way.
Open the subreport itself and stretch the label out so that it is the same width as the Report, then click the "Center Align" icon.
This will center the text across the entire Subreports width.
However, because this is a subreport, you may have adjusted the size of it in the main report, such that it might not appear centered.
It looks like your actual goal is to center it with the Fax Number.
If this is the case, then make the Label the same width as the Fax number textbox and simply line them up vertically.

Please remember that we are going by the PDF.
The PDF does not tell us much about the design of the main report or the subreport.
So to be sure "we talking about the same thing", can you simply post a sample of this database?

Lastly, and unrelated to this issue:
Can I ask why you need a subreport to pull in the Phone numbers?
Using subreports slows down your reports considerably and adds to the total size of the database.

If you have the phone numbers in a related table, then the simplest thing to do would be to join/add the table that has the Fax numbers into the Report's recordsource, then simply drop the fax number in like any other field.
You can also use a single control (textbox) and use the Dlookup Function to return the phone numbers..

Here is a sample that replicates your report.
No Subreports to deal with
No Color issues
No Centering issues




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9XqUwH3SAuthor Commented:
Great. Solved!
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
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