No power Gateway Laptop MT6451 (MA3 and MA7)

I have a couple of Gateway laptops (MA3 and MA7) that won't  power up or charge.  I've stripe them down removing all periphables and even removed the motherboard from case. I've checked the power jack and power supplies with volt meter and they test good.  Both computers are dead with no response when the power button is pressed.  There are a number of threads out there that describe this same problem with Gateway laptops, however, no resolution.  Could it possibly be the CMOS battery?  Has any found a solution to this problem?
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You checked powersupplies with multimeter, you are the man. You've done everything correctly.

If you see absolutely no power on the laptop, and your power supply is good, the problem lies within the motherboard. Defective in some sort of way, check for bad capacitors. Bad voltage regulator. Check for smokey/whiteish haze around board and any electrical zaps. You've checked the jack, so you got that base covered. One thing you might check, is the powerbutton. These can become faulty and if depressed you won't see nothing come on. I would recommend shorting the circuit on the board coming from the powerswitch to turn on, but I won' might cause damage.

Take the mulimeter and do a continuity test to the power switch if you could. While powersupply plugged in, see if voltage displays correctly on whatever the powersupply is outputting or it drops once connected to motherboard.

I'm not aware of any problems with this gateway model that can be easily fixed, unfortunately boards do fry. If there is a 'fix' for this board, hopefully another expert can post it here.

DCSMasterTechAuthor Commented:
Thanks NaturaTek for responding.

No evidence of burned out component on motherboard and I've activated the power button (directly from the motherboard not the switch) with the power connected to the motherboard, there was no drop in voltage.  

it can be the cmos battery; some motherboards just do nothing with an empty one; but i doubt it.
for what it's worth, here what i do in such a case :
i boot without disks and cd drives, and other peripherals; if nothing happens, i remove the ram - when booting, it should beep
if still nothing, i consider the mobo bad
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DCSMasterTechAuthor Commented:
Thanks nobus for taking time to respond.

The CMOS battery tested good at 3v.  I guess the only thing it could be is the motherboard.   Looks like I will be spending some time on ebay looking for a replacement motherboard.

that would be the cheapest way; look also for similar laptops with a broken lcd screen
Cheapest I've seen on ebay for ma3/ma7 are about 200$ that are Tested. You can gamble on a broken laptop sold 'as-is' for parts. Check your local craigslist.
If Cmos battery is drained, the system will power up anyway. Most manufacturers bios will display a warning internal battery low or you simply cannot retain bios settings.

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