SMS DP Site not deleting packages

Well this is an all around mess.  Two issues:

We have a secondary site server (DP/MP, etc) that was running dangerously low on HD space-about 200MB free.  Before I learned of this, I was in the middle of updating (via Delta) a large package of around 800MB.   Once I learned of the low space, I removed said package from the DP via the central site sever SMS console.  Because I couldnt see any space freed up on the DP, I manually deleted the PCK file on the DP.  It definitely freed up a bit of space, but now the despooler component is hung up, trying to update a non-existent package.    In the despool.log, endless entries like this for the last 5 days:

~Processing incoming file D:\SMS\inboxes\\INCOMING\ZK41LG7K.PKG.  $$<SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER><Sun May 24 13:16:02.474 2009 Eastern Daylight Time><thread=7628 (0x1DCC)>
~Package RTR00044 requires a newer version (14) of source files and the new compressed files haven't arrived yet, current version is 9, skip D:\SMS\inboxes\\INCOMING\ZK41LG7K.PKG  $$<SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER><Sun May 24 13:16:02.521 2009 Eastern Daylight Time><thread=7628 (0x1DCC)>

How can I stop the despooler from doing this?

To free up more space I removed several unused packages from the DP.  But, the PCK files are still there, even though on the central site server they show as not being on the DP.  Perhaps because the despooler is 'hung' its not deleting the PCK files?  Is it Ok to manually delete these PCK files?  How can I ensure they are properly removed?
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To remove the package and it's data you need to run the delete package wizard on the package, then ensure before hand that no one is connected or using those files that are about to be deleted. The errors are happening because the package wasn't removed correctly so SCCM is assuming there is a package that needs updating that is no longer there.

Under the package you want to remove it lists the DP where it's being held, Right-click the distribution point you want to remove the package data from, and then click Delete. Click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the package from the selected distribution point.
SCCM removes the package data from the specified distribution point.

You could also try running the Manage DP wizard to remove apps from those DP's. It will provide you the option to delete the package from that DP but in your case it sounds like the package was never removed right from the get go so in the future ensure that you run the wizard first to properly remove the package and data from the DP rather than just deleting from the package menu.

net1994Author Commented:
I am using SMS 2003 SP2.  

I failed to mention that under the package, it showing the package has been removed the DP.  But the PCK file is still on the DP??
There is SP3 for that now as well, make sure to install that if you haven't yet.

The PCK data can be removed if the normal process hadn't been followed to remove the package however; you may also have to delete the file share from the server as well. Check the Shares on that server, find the one you want to remove then stop sharring the folder, then delete the left overs from the drive... and in the future make sure to follow the DP wizard to remove those properly...
Expand the package, right click distribution then under all tasks manage DP. Then it will give you the choice to delete package etc....

net1994Author Commented:
I'm still having this issue despite the suggestions above.  Can anyone else share their ideas?
Ok, as a last resort try this it does require a bit of knowing what you are doing when it comes to SQL however you can set the DP back to a fresh status on packages forcing it to download the content and recreate the deleted packages allowing you to follow the proper procdure I outlined above.


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