Adaptec 2405 with two OCZ Vertex 120G SSDs freezes while installing Vista

Adaptec 2405 raid card with two Vertex 120G SSDs freezes in the expanding files section of installing Vista while configured in a raid 0 stripped configuration. It freezes each time at different places 64% 79% 7% etc there is no consistency other than the fact it freezes.
I have updated the firmware on the SSDs and the Adaptect card. I did mange to install vista with a 512kb stripe and it was working super fast then I started installing office 2007 and it froze at 70%. I restarted and it said one of the disks in the array was missing and would not boot.
I feel I have exhausted my variables and am totally stuck on this one. If anyone could offer some help or explanations I would be truly grateful.

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KorbusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you start vista install, are you using the native vista drivers, or the latest adaptec drivers (I'd use adaptec's)?
Regarding customer support: demanding an RMA sometimes gets better results, but you definately need to update firmware and use thier drivers before you can do that.

Just to confirm it's the raid controller, and not memory or somthing: does a Vista & office install to a single drive, connected to the motherboard, work without any problems?
Are either of the SSDs getting too hot?
After it said the disk was missing, did you go into the Adaptec bios?  Did you see the disk there?
I would also doublecheck all connections, unplug & replug the SSDs.  Maybee change cables too.

jknepperAuthor Commented:
Neither SSDs were hot. It was only the one incident that one disappeared, I checked all cables and connections restarted and unplugged then re-plugged every cable. It still did not show up in adaptec bios so I plugged them both in as slave drives in my other system, where they showed up fine flashed them both and started again. This only happened when Vista actually loaded in striped 0 and it froze installing Office 07. Presently I cannot even get to the stage where VIsta loads it freezes on 83% or 70% etc. The adaptec 2405 card does feel hot if you touch the heat sink, but it does have a 800 mhz processor inside so I would expect some heat. I need to find out exactly what it is about expanding the files that causes things to freeze. Adaptec customer service are useless they just told me to update the firmware.........??? thats all I get from them......I have replaced the Vertex drives with new ones I am now sure they are not the fault in the chain.
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jknepperAuthor Commented:
Vista installs perfectly on each single drive, I have the latest firmware for the Adaptec 2405 and use the latest Adaptect Drivers from the Adaptect CD to install during the VIsta install. My Adaptec bios froze on me this afternoon after I formatted both drives and played around in it. I'm sure the adaptec card has some issue its way too hot. I have tried every variable, I build computers all the time but I admit this is new territory, SSDs and Adaptec 2405 in raid 0 seems a shattered dream.
I would call adaptec at this point and request an RMA.
MGBaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have the same issue with an Adaptec  51245 controller and it seems their controllers have issues with the newest SSD drives. Adaptec refers me to their list of compatible devices but this list contains only the Intel SSD products. Adaptec and non Intel SSDs seem to be a no go for the time being, at least in RAID setup.
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