2003 windows server SP2 msi

My 2003 server has prblms running windows exes. It get the error "extraction failed"

My system in general has been lagging. taskmgr is taking about 100mb and it doesn't have a user assigned. I see this through the taskmgr process list and I mention it because I don't think that's normal.

I'm currently running the may 09 windows maliscious malware removal tool. i downloaded that exe from the site, ran it from another server, shared the folder in which the exe extracted the apps. Then ran the apps from this server in question.

At first I got an error saying winhttp.dll not found.

I have run the scannow fxn from the run prompt, and it seemed to have scanned my windows files and compared them to my install disk. However, i don't think it fixed my system file problems. Not sure if my prblms are due to the registry or not... does the scannow fxn fix registry entries too??

after I copied a winhttp.dll to the system32 folder, I did a regsvr32 winhttp.dll and got it in the registry, THEN I was able to run the maliscious malware scan app. Server is still scanning, but so far nothing found.

This is not the 1st msg i get regarding missing or non registered dll's.This is probably the 3rd dll. i ran searches of these dll's on the system and did find them, So my system errors are probably due to registry prblms..I suspect something has modified my registry...

Please advise.. I think running the SP2, from the individual msi application might work, reregistering updated dll's and windows fixes.

My server lags, but it's still functional.. The lag is ABNORMAL.. so I hope SP2 helps resolve this issue. Any comment's are appreciated, thanks.

are there any 2003 server prgms I can run to analyze, scan my registry for inconsistencies? I don't want to restart this server, last time I restarted, the thing took 3 hrs to load the explorer.. It's lagging big time.. so I'm avoiding restart at all costs, until at least I have a solid plan.

the extraction failed error was a question here on experts before, but found no resolution. I wonder what is causing this.. a virus?
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Rgarding masive lag:
First thing I would do is double check your drives: do you have enough disk space?  Is your RAID array degraded?
sonic1394Author Commented:
enough disk space yes. 6 gb free on system drive partition of 18 gb.

Raid is hardware based by intel. I have not gotten any system warnings regarding degraded raid.

malware scan from windows completed. Nothing found.
regarding RAID: I assume you have the RAID monitoring software installed in windows?  If not, you wont see a warning untill you reboot & the RAID BIOS posts.

Check the Avg Disk Queue in perfmon,  whats the avg there?  

Does an AV scan find anything?  Does disabling it have any effect on performance?


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sonic1394Author Commented:
I have an intel biased raid. I looked up what diag tool I need to install. I can't restart this machine like I mentioned, for reasons outlined in the initial ques.

I will install the webbased tool: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?ProductID=2530&DwnldID=10691&lang=eng

Another odd thing is my IIS settings are gone, so I need to setup OWA again. This server is tripping, how does IIS get cleared out like that!
sonic1394Author Commented:
btw the performance mon says the avg is 0.03.. so the hard drives aren't the bottleneck. Also, don't have AV installed, thats why i ran the windows malware scan. I know I should install AV, that's on my todo list in the next day or so.
sonic1394Author Commented:
Korbus, I'm currently running Kaspersky's online virus scanner.. it's updating virus db definitions.. and then it will run. Thanks for the insight on raid..

I think  you're right, my raid may be degraded. Theres no other logical explanation. Once virus scanner is done confirming there are no viruses. I will install  the raid tools.

If my raid is degraded.. what do you think I must do?? I need to prepare a plan if that's the case, because this is the primary DC of the domain.. so I'll have to move over services other servers if this one is to be down for extended periods....
sonic1394Author Commented:
Ahh, scan is barely at 2%, scanning only the critical areas.. and it already found infected objects... Looks like I have viruses, which are probably causing this mess...
sonic1394Author Commented:
Server will not let me run any exe's so I can't install the diag tool...

Korbus i have a question for you... if raid is degraded... can that be the reason why I can't run exe's?? I tried installing the raid diag tool.. won't run.. I tried installing AV and the gui get's stuck... I tried running SP updates and I get errors....

I'm faced with either Malware or Raid issue... The Malware the scanner found was isolated in the exchange database... wasn't found in system files.. so I have to manually delete them in the db paths...

If I restart the server, the intel raid system should beep and display a warning for raid degradation right?
sonic1394Author Commented:
Simple solution... based on observation i can rule out hard drive error..

So I'm pursuing malware scans this wkend so I can boot in safe mode... the prblm at hand is that I cannot install anything!! windows won't let me run exe's.. every install whether service pack, antivirus, or raid tool, has not completed.. gets stuck or quits with an error...

basically this solution is really general and my windows install limitation doesn't allow me to do much...
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