Best way to configure Backup Exec 12.5 with 2 servers

I have 2 servers: 2008 standard DC with AD that also has SQL 2005 standard and a 2003 server that is just doing Terminal Server.   My backup media is a NAS device on the network.

I am trying to figure out the best way to install Backup Exec 12.5 in this environment.  The 2008 server is running 2005 SQL standard which hosts our primary database (about 3gb in size).  When I started installing the BE12.5, it prompts to install SQL express for the database or use an existing instance.  This caused me to consider all the implications of this choice.

How do I setup my BE 12.5 in the best way for this situation:

1.  Server - best to use the  2003 Terminal Server or the 2008 DC?
2.  If the 2008 server, Do I use the new instance of SQL Express (and run sql express and full sql on the same box)?  Or do I use the existing Full SQL software a put the BE database on that?
3.  If the 2003 server, no SQL on there so the SQL express would be only option, but most of the critical data to be backed up is on the 2008 server.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am giving this a points value of 500 because its a holiday weekend.
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MaurizioSchmidtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Never ever install the BackupExec to an productiv SQL Server. Further shouldnt you install BE to an DC. So its very clear that you should install BE to the Terminal Server cause this server is important but not as important as the DC/SQL Server.

Install it to the Win2k3 Server, the SQL Express works perfectly.
iragreeneAuthor Commented:
and, in case of restores, there is NO PROBLEM doing it this way - right?
There is NO Problem. we do it all day long like this. We tried it as a SQL Session and it was suuuuper slow. SQL Express runs much better.
But we will soon switch to Data Protection Manager cause BE suxx since they went to Symantec....
iragreeneAuthor Commented:
OK - Thanks!  Have a great weekend!
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