Networking TIVO with Netgear router

I'm having trouble resetting up my home network and I'm pretty sure the problem is with the setup for my new netgear wireless router.  I had no problems with the setup when using a Linksys wireless router, until the router failed.  I replaced it with the Netgear wireless router.  

Now my TIVO DVR machines can access the internet fine through the wireless router.  My computers can access the internet fine when linked to the router via ethernet cables.  (I didn't need wireless for my computers and haven't tried it).  But the Desktop Server software provided by TIVO that allows me to manage the TIVO content from my desktop no longer works.  The TIVO itself only provides network setup details for connecting to the internet, not for connecting to desktop computers.  That can only be managed from the Desktop Server software.  That software is also very simple with few configuration options that can be tweaked beyond reinstall and reboot.  The TIVO support website talks about how I need to make sure certain ports are open ( , but the Netgear router interface doesn't provide me anything I find useful for addressing that problem.  (The Linksys interface was a lot more user friendly.)  

I already tried stopping all my McAfee firewall services to make sure that wasn't the problem.  I've also tried the steps TIVO recommends at ( )   Of possible relevance.  In response to item 4 under My PC and DVR are unable to see each other, I found the adapter in use to connect my TIVO to my PC was the ethernet connection between the router and my main PC (as to be expected) without any option to change the adapter.

I really think the problem is with the NetGear router, mainly because that was the only item that's different from when everything worked nicely.   I used exactly the same wireless settings with the new router, only changing the router's name.
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savvycarolAuthor Commented:
An important new fact:  I just realized there was ONE OTHER DIFFERENCE between my prior home network setup and this one.  Before a different computer (SYBIL) was the primary computer where I installed the Linksys router drivers.  Now my primary computer is VIVIAN and I setup the new Netgear router from that computer.   I noticed this because my McAfee Security Center Manage Network display shows my network as SYBIL'S NETWORK.  This could be important, I guess.  SYBIL is still on my home network, but somebody else is using it so I didn't use it to setup the new router.
If your TIVO can get to the internet OK, and your desktops can get to the internet OK, then I doubt there's anything on your Netgear configuration that needs to be changed. What do you mean about installing Netgear router drivers? the setup of the router is via a web page, there's nothing special you install on your PC.

The network name should also have no relevance, as that is simply the name given to the Windows Workgroup by whomever set it up. the default name is Workgroup. TIVO doesn't care about that stuff.

I do know from personal experience that the Desktop server software is flaky. Try uninstalling it and reinstalling it, or try selecting a different directory for it to serve.
savvycarolAuthor Commented:
Thanks for commenting, Mike.

I'm sure you're right about the Netgear router drivers.  What I meant to say was that I initially set up the Netgear router using a different PC than the one I used to setup the old Linksys router.  I didn't know if that would make a difference.

I thought the network name wasn't relevant either ... just grasping at straws.

I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, with no effect.  I'm not sure what you mean by "try selecting a different directory for it to serve."  Isn't the only directory selection the actual TIVO unit?

It sounds like there aren't any concrete ideas to try.  I guess my only option is the long, long wait to try to get a TIVO rep, who likely won't know either.  Frustrating ... but there you are.
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The TIVO forum on their website is pretty good for dealing with problems:

I really don't think the problem has anything to do with your new router though. You can test it if you still have your old router- just swap it back in and if your software works then I'm wrong...
savvycarolAuthor Commented:
I never solved my Netgear problem, but I went out two days ago and purchased a Linksys router and card.  The switch back to Linksys went smoothly and ALL my problems disappeared without any more action taken.  It looks like the problem was the Netgear router after all.  It may have been a port conflict between Netgear and TiVo.  It may have been a firewall setting.  One tech person I spent over an hour with on the phone thought the Netgear router just wasn't strong enough, a strange thing to say since it was stronger than the Linksys router I replaced.  But the new Linksys router is stronger yet and the N ULtra Range Place router is obviously faster and has an easier time transferring TiVo programs.

I will never buy Netgear again.

One more thing ... Best Buy took back my Netgear equipment even though 2 months had passed and my dog had chewed off the corner of one of the boxes.  Kudos to them.

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