Acronis TrueImage Workstation and SQL Server

Hi experts:

On my own domain with SBS, etc. I use Acronis, but it is the enterprise version and uses VSS to back up so I don't worry too much about backing up SQL Server databases.

I am helping a friend who is running the same Electronic Medical Record I have. He only needs a lesser version, and I found Acronis True Image for Workstations. It seems fairly robust for a P2P network, but I can't find that it supports SQL.

Given that no one would be accessing the program on the main computer (the only one with the SQL Server Express and SQL databases, would that program work with that network. It's just backing up the main computer with the data.

Thanks in advance.

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Bert2005Author Commented:
Thanks vinurajr,

Oh, no. I am sorry to mislead you. I, personally, would never back up my server with anything less than Acronis True Image for SBS.  I also use Backup Assist which includes modules for Brick Level back up of Exchange Server and Backup for SQL Server. (Long story of why I have two -- for another day) Which then begs the question. Do I need the separate  to back up SQL Server on my server with Acronis?

Currently, I have SQL Server 2005 as a default instance with Amazing Charts (you can download -- just use and there is no registration or activation -- not that you would need to go that far. No with my eSata backups and six WD SATA TB drives and two $600 backup programs, I am close to all set unless you tell my Acronis is deficient in which case I will purchase the other module forthright. But, my real question was as follows:

I would say that > 85% of those users running Amazing Charts on their server or "pseudoservers" on their P2P are running inadequate backupa. I continue to try to help. But, most if I can at least get them to back up their servers with something (as they are using nothing at the moment) do not have any back up software other than the native ntTbackup to flash drives or one external drive or using the built-in program of Amazing Charts. The person I am helping right now, who I somehow recovered his months of patient data has a Vista machine as his "server." I am trying to get him to run something such as Acronis True Image Workstation. It is nowhere near Acronis for Servers.

I was thinking that given backing up SQL Servers or other databases such as Oracle can be impossible with Open File backup or VSS, etc. would they be able to back up their entire computer including Amazing Charts which is using a named instance of Amazing Charts, with a less expensive backup if it is done during a time when the SQL Server Express is not being used.

Thank you for your help and for putting up with my confusing question.
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