GFI Mail Essential letting spam through. How to stop?

I received a failed update email from the GFI server this morning that it could not complete a BitDefender update due to insufficent disk space.  Upon investigation the HDD partition that holds the GFI installation along with SPAM folder etc had reached max capacity due to a website SQL DB backup.

I cleaned up the partition to free up plenty of room and restarted the GFI services both security and essentials as I noticed that the Mail Security quaratine list did not list any emails from approx the time I received the email.

Mail Security seems to be working fine based on the quarantine list and the mail queues but since the reboot I have been receiving a lot of SPAM to all of the address that I am a recipient of and I can imagine that my users are as well.  Also before the notification emails from mail security were being caught by Mail Essentials but now I am getting all of them!

What can I do to resolve this?  The SPAM seems to be mostly the kind with an imbedded image with some plain text ones.

The GFI server is a gateway server that does not have exchange on it.
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Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
check the dashboard to see if mail is being processed.
I recently had to do an update/reinstall as almost all emails were "failed processing"  and forwarded on to users.
kxcrazyAuthor Commented:
I checked the dashboard and most emails listed have blocked but there are some that have processing failed.  Some for DNS blacklist others for headerchecking etc.  No one module in particular.
Any thoughts?
Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
there are a number of items listed on the GFI knowledge base to do with Processing Failed.
search for
"processing failed"

one being too many jetxxx.tmp files in the temporary directory.
other being heavy processor lad i think.

my problem showed almost 90% of mails failing processing. as i said, only fixed by upgrading to latest 200904 build (which is really a remove & replace option, just keeps settings)
kxcrazyAuthor Commented:
Yeah I am running the latest version.

A restart of the IIS admin service has resolved the issue.

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