CiscoASA5505: Is it possible to change device internal IP via ASDM rather than CLI?

With other firewalls I have been able to use a single client PC whose IP was set to 192.168.1.x to access firewall whose default internal ip was and have been able to change IP of firewall to
I obviously lose access briefly until I change PC IP to 192.168.10.x and log back on but o/w no problem.
Is this not possible with ASDM?
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Ken BooneConnect With a Mentor Network ConsultantCommented:
Yes that is possible with ASDM.  The issue is that there is probably a statement like this:
http inside
Which means that only the 24 network can access the firewall with asdm.
So if you change it to 192.168.10.x you are now locked out even if you change your PC to a 192.168.10.x address.  Set the http command to show inside and then you can get back in when you change your PC address.  Then you can go back and change the http command. Or you could just add the http address before you change the IP address on the ASA.
yes, very much.
from ASDM, configuration->device setup->interfaces-> edit for which interface which you are looking for.
CiscoNeophyteAuthor Commented:
I just now had a chance to try this, despite receiving your message much earlier. It worked fine. I really appreciate it. Thank you.
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