How to get the Contacts if login with different windows profile

I'm using MS Office XP's Outlook. I have key in a lot of Contacts in my Outlook.

I have another staff will login my PC to do work. She will login the windows with her own ID. How can she retrieve the Contacts in my MS Outlook? Where does the contact file store?
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QTHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Outlook Contacts are part of the Outlook mailbox and not a particular file saved on your desktop like the Personal Address Book.  That's why you can login from any PC and still see your Contacts folder.  Can you access your mailbox remotely or get someone with Admin access to and give her this permission?
You can give her permission to your Contacts folder.  Right click on Contacts, go to Permissions, click Add and give her the permission required.  When she logs on to the PC as herself, she can open her Outlook and select Open Other Users folder, type in your name and select Contacts.

cybermilkyAuthor Commented:
The problem is that I'm currently away from the PC and not able to login to add the permission to let her access.
cybermilkyAuthor Commented:
She had finally imported the Contacts into her MS Outlook.
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