Cisco switch 2960 VLAN configuration

Hi All,

   I have a number of VLANs configured in my networks, I have 3 new cisco 2960 switches to which I need to configure and add to the existing Vlans, Im planning to configure the switches and then connect it to the network, I have done the following.
1- configure VTP mode to be client.
2- Configure VTP domain to be the same as my existing vtp domain.
but when i connect reload the switch it became server and no domain is showing??
is it because i have to add it in my network and then configure these settings. can someone advise.

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Did you write the config to memory?
Checked the configuration register?

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ITMaster1979Author Commented:
Yes, I saved, it but when I reload I lost the Vlan configure, this will occur if the cisco is not connected to the network.
VLANs should vanish since they are learned from VTP, but the VTP domain, etc shouldn't.

Checked config register?
see the rivision number of switch
when u configure VTP add vtp password vtp domain
VTP server cleint as per switch .

below need to be done in main server switch
create VLAN by  goint into VLAN database and give apply command
cisco#vlan databse
cisco(vlna)vlan 2
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