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This more of a general opion question. I am currently researching Backup Solutions for Windows Server Environments. I would really like some opinions and maybe some links that you can direct me to in regards to best solutions from those who have had experience with different applications. I currently use Symantec Backup Exec v12, SP2. But as some of you may know it is a fickle piece of software that needs constant attention to get 100% successful backup jobs on a regular basis. I need a solution that I can set and leave. What is out there that is stable, solid, scalable, User friendly, and productive, with a quick and easy recovery process.
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SelfGovernConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might also want to consider a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) product.  These emulate multiple tape autoloaders or libraries, and have some real advantages:
- Eliminate most of the problems with physical tape (bad or missing media, tape spanning, etc.)
- Provide the benefits of tape automation: Create a device with multiple tape slots so you don't have to worry about filling up a tape and changing tapes at 3AM
- Creation of multiple target devices allows you to run many backup jobs concurrently
- May provide for automatic tape offload, a process that can be automated, managed, and run during business hours
- Many can be used to perform replication to a remote site so that you've got protection against a site disaster (fire, flood, theft, etc,)

They are more expensive than a standalone tape drive, however... but a sound investment for many small- to mid-size businesses.
Mal OsborneConnect With a Mentor Alpha GeekCommented:
Depends on your environment & what you are trying to do.   We have done an evaluation of Microsoft DPM, it looks quite good.
Cptn_SmoothAuthor Commented:
The environment I have is Server 2003, with 6 servers running into a SAN, with enough space to do disk backup so I am open to all platforms of backup except online. I work on a remote site so I don't have the bandwidth to do online backup.
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pradeepg1971Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Dedicated Server with tape drive for Backup.
In servers to be backed up, use the second network adapter with another ip range  to connect to the back server [via switch].This reduce the n/w traffic.
Schedule a daily Full or incremental[night] with a max period of 10 hours[that ends before the office hours] as per the requirement.

Also in symantec there is an option to create intelligent disaster recovery, that you can create a cloned CD of the system. Restore it when there is a problem. For eg, you can create a clone of active directory CD and restoer when required. the latest change will not be there, but you will be able to restore the Domain back.

Dedicated Server with good capacity that can serve the complete servers DB size.
Schedule a backup to disk option in symantec at night.
At day time schdule a backup to tape backup.

Backup exe is SMB software.
Netbackup is enterprise level software.
Arc server is another popular one that can be tried.

But the Backup/restore technology is almost similar in all. In depens on how we manage and manintain the same.
Cptn_SmoothAuthor Commented:
Noted pradeepg1971.

Is there anyone that has worked with Simpana 8 or FalconStor?
Cptn_SmoothAuthor Commented:
Backup Solutions
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