Alert Message! received to my mailbox


    Every day I received this message that is coming from my own email address, this messages comes around a thousand numbers everyday.

   We have sonic firewall, cisco router, hope to rectify this issue, thanks in advance...

Dear User
Your router has detected and protected you against an attempt to gain access to your network.  This may have been an attempted hacker intrusion, or perhaps just your Internet Service Provider doing routine network maintenance.
Most of these network probes are nothing to be worried about - these types of random probes should NOT be reported, but you may want to report repeated intrusions attempts.  Save this email for comparison with future alert messages.
Your router Alert Information

Time: 05/25/2009, 07:46:28
Message: Smurf
Destination:, Type:3, Code:3 (from PPPoE1 Outbound)

Visit the UXN Combat Spam web site to get more detailed information about the intruder - 1. Type the intruder's IP address into the IP WHOIS search engine 2. Click the Query Button 3. Detailed network and administration information will be displayed
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This looks like a SPAM mail. Please verify the internet header of the massage and find out if the message is generated from your own network. If yes identify the machine and take remedial action to clean the virus which generates SPAM. If the SPAM is generated from external source the fine tune your SPAM filter solution to block this type of SPAM.

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ChipsAhoyAuthor Commented:
IP it this, where on same country Bahrain, I check its reputation in

seems a spammer, why he is using my own email address sending to me also, I check some site some suggested that somewhere in our firewall, I check I weakin up some firewall alerts but still same result.

by the way thanks for the reply, I will dig on this...
Spammer is using some kind of E-mail spoofing techniques. If all the emails are coming from same IP you can block the IP to stop the SPAM mails.

Note: You can close this question if you are satisfied with the response. Thanks.
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