Double Read Receipt issue in Exchange 2007 POP3 clients


Recently I migrated one 2003 exchange organization to MS Exchange 2007 and updated with rollup 7. 30 % of our mailboxes are pop3 mailboxes becouse these messages are getting downloaded to another branch mail server(MS Exchange 2003 with pop3 fetching from main exchange 2007 server usig exchange pop3 software. All the things are working smoothly except am getting double read receipts from the users working in branch.  I checked the headers of read receipt and I come to know that the first read recipt is generating by exchange 2007 while the message getting downloaded and the second read receipt is generaed by the client side itself(by outlook user).

While googling I got this technet article 

Will apreciate if u can suggest a solution for disabling this feature of exchange 2007.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The server would have to be rebuilt, as you cannot take an Exchange server from one forest and put it in another.
Therefore your options are a extract the content to PST files and then import, or a cross forest migration.

I am surprised that it worked correctly with Exchange 2003, but then I never use POP3 connectors of any description.

I am not aware that you can.
The read receipt on the item is triggered by the POP3 download of the message because Exchange just sees that as the message being read - which is correct.
The only option would be to turn off read receipts globally on the Exchange server, which would affect everyone using it, not just the PO3 users.

Your best option would be to stop using POP3 to move messages between servers and put Exchange in the branch in to your Exchange org and let Exchange manage the email transfer. That is is how Exchange is designed to work.

emtechadminAuthor Commented:
Hi Simon thanks alot for the suggection. But in my scenario, the branch domain is seperate Forest/domain from the main exchange(ex 2007) thats in HO.  and this an exsting setup, it was working perfectly with old  exchange 2003 iin the case of read recepits.  please advice how I can easily migrate current exchange as a site exchange server..
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