Create PASW Statistics 17 SAV File

Is there a way to create the PASW Statistics 17 SAV file outside of PASW Statistics 17?  I have a lot of data to ADD VALUE LABELS to and I would like to automate the process.


Ray TurnerSenior ConsultantAsked:
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richdiesalConnect With a Mentor ProfessorCommented:
Unfortunately, no.  SAV files are propriety and binary, and aside from reverse engineering the SAV file, there is no way to construct one manually.  You might have more luck with POR (portable) files, which are saved in ASCII.

But having said that, you should be able to automate tasks in SPSS/PASW with either regular syntax, or if the syntax is giving you headaches, I'd suggest installing the Python programming plugins and using those.  You supposedly have much more power that way, although I've never used it myself.
Ray TurnerSenior ConsultantAuthor Commented:
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