Internet connection stops after a few minutes to an hour

My internet connection stops working after either a few hrs or a few minutes.  It appears that this happens because of a lack of activity and also more at night than during the day.  The office computers are all HP notebooks confiqured to run wirelessly.  This happens with only one notebook. It seems to have happpend when was configured for unlimited backup.  I do not have ZoneAlarm and never had.  When conputer goes off line then I need to reboot.
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Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:

I guess your internet router has a feature called "inactivity detection" and if your line is inactive for some time it drops the connection. Go to the settings page of your internet router and chance the WAN connection to "Always On" instead of "Off after some minutes of inactivity"

ssaadvocateAuthor Commented:
The connection drops only one computer.  All notebooks care wirelessly connected.  This problem did not appear until a week or so ago.
Well if it's only one computer, I would suspect a problem in the computer, not the internet connection...

Does the computer lose all network or just internet? If the former, it's obviously a laptop problem. If the latter, does your router have any kind of logging? Maybe it will tell you something.
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ssaadvocateAuthor Commented:
The problem has been resolved.  It appears that the backup software whch is a seperate external harddrive was modified on an update and what was happening was the backup would start and then run into a program error and would break the internet connection.  I reconfigured the software and now everything is great.  Thanks for you assitance.

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Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
Yeah :) So the problem was not the messages you'd seen in the logs ;-) as I've indicated :)
Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:
Sorry I've posted to the wrong question :) Feel free to close the question..
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