Does SSG 350M support 3DES encryption?

Does SSG 350M support 3DES encryption? if it support how can I configure the 3DES encryption
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Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
should do, yes - I assume you mean for vpn?

the current release (6.2.0) of the software does, if you let me know which version you are on I can give you a definite answer.

paintcoAuthor Commented:
release 6.2.0
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
ok then, 6.2.0 supports des, 3des, and AES in 128,192 or 256 bit key modes, DH groups 1,2.5 & 14, and either md5 or sha-1 hashing.

for cisco compatibility, its probably best to standardize on g2-esp-3des-sha (which, as its a builtin, you don't have to define yourself)

I would expect that to be used in a command something like:

set ike gateway <gwname> address <ip of remote partner> main preshare <preshared-key> proposal pre-g2-3des-sha

(you might need outgoing-interface defined there too)

next, you need to create a vpn def for the gateway:

set vpn <vpnName> gateway <gwname> proposal g2-esp-3des-sha

now, set up the inside and outside subnets:

set address insidevpn <network>/<size>
set address outsidevpn <network>/<size>

and finally the policies to use the vpn for those subnets:

set policy from trust to untrust insidevpn outsidevpn any tunnel vpn <vpnName>
set policy from untrust to trust outsidevpn insidevpn any tunnel vpn <vpnName>

if you have an existing vpn already along those lines, just replace the proposals with 3des ones.


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paintcoAuthor Commented:
Does it has value if the SSG connected to the lan interface for cisco 2800 router and the other side for the router is wan interfae going to pstn mpls cloud
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
I don't think that really matters - about all I can see being an issue there is possibly nat traversal, but I doubt the 2800 would be good enough to terminate your vpn.
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